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  • recently read "neengalum mudhalvaraagalaam" translated into tamil by
    Ra.ki. Rangarajan from the english moolam "48 laws of power".

    He mentions the following episode....

    Kuruschev addressess the gathering listing out all the atrocities /
    crimes committed by his predecessor. Somebody from the crowd
    suddenly shouts why kuruschev was keeping quiet when the atrocities
    were committed inspite of being in the ministry..

    Kuruschev retors in a stern voice by asking "who is this?" ...
    There is pin drop silence in the gathering.. the person who asked
    the questio dare not open his mouth.....

    Kuruschev says .. this is the prime reason why even he did not voice
    when atrocities were committed.. implied meaning is that had
    kuruschev spoken out, he would have been killed ....

    kitta thatta adhey maadhiri dhaan sir ellaamey..... nobody would
    dare to voice any opinion against the king...that too a king who is
    all poweful.... praise the king and get all favours would have been
    the order of the day.. even today it is the same

    iam not saying RRC commmited atrocities.. with due respects to him
    let me also submit that there might have been a lot of addenddum to
    his deeds ....

    people might say that had he been glorified for the deeds which he
    has not done, somebody during the later times wud have exposed.. the
    problem is that after RRc there was rajendra cholan.... anybody who
    wud have tried to malign RRC would have been clearly executed ... in
    Rajedra's own style...

    After a period RRc wud have been easily forgotten and now

    remember somewhere reading that prior to kalki's sivakamiyin
    sabatham .. people said taht all the monuments in Mahabalipuram was
    built by some ET's (extra terrestrials .. not Economic Times)...
    andha maadhiri when pallava's cud have been easily forgotten. cholas
    too wud have been easily forgotten....
  • sir..

    "epporul yaar yaar vaai ketpinum apporul meipporul kaanbadharivu"
  • Hi
    a thousand years back was a cruel era.
    a soft king would have been relegated to the dustbin.kalki's level of
    softening rrc's charecter is a little too much. should be read with
    poetic licence in mind.
    especially saving the kuruvikkuudu from falling into the floods.

    it was a time when either you were tough or you werent existent.
    uthama sola survived because rrc was the tough man next to him.
    after uthama I think rrc has the least battles per years ruled ratio.

    so he may have been portrayed as soft ,kind and just.rrc could have
    afforded to be soft because he had a tough son at hand.

    till then a kings glory was on battles won. but then the trend
    changed with uthama. those who built temples also were deemed
    glorious. I think the other face of cholas was seen with the onset of
    uthamas rule.
  • Forget thousand years sir....

    even today it is a cruel era.... right from dasaradha maharaja era
    it is cruel only...

    had dasaratha maharaja been soft, demons wud have easily overpowered

    why dasaradha mahraja.... cruel era started right from Lord Muruga's
    era.. to my knowledge one of the eraliest tyrants was
    soorapanman...vrittaasuran and other previous asurans not
    witstanding.... maarupadu sooranai vadhaippadharkaaga vandhavan
    murugan.... but anyway Muruga taking sooran as his vaahanam is a
    different line altogether... coz he is lord .. not a mortal..

    a king cannot be soft anyday.. as u said somebody has to be there to
    compensate for softness.

    "carrot and stick" policy dhaan....
  • Diwakar,

    Is it possible to identify the Lord Muruga's era ?
  • muruganandam sir...

    good question...

    "thoonilum ulan.. thurumbilum ulan.. anuvai sadhakooritta thugalilum
    ulan".... avanai pathi kettuputteengaley....

    right from the big bang or whatever form of creation happenned
    murugan is there sir.... some say even before that...

    all is a representation of fight between evil and good inside
    human... this is what the metaphysicist tells us...

    anyway, a more apt answer for murugan's era would be somewhere in
    1960s & 1970s.. that is when A.P. Nagarajan directed "kandhan

    prior to that might be "sri valli" by AVM in 1940's or 1950's....
    thought black and white...

    "kaayaadha kaanagathey.. ninrulaavum narkaarigaye... meyaadha maan..
    pulli veyaadha maan"
  • There is a legend in one of the verses of Ramayana that "the same
    story/happenings of Ramayana is getting repeated in every cycle of yuga
    (like dwabara, kali etc.,) and there is no proof that how many times this
    has been repeated".

    I think this is possible only with Time as Fourth Dimension. (Close to
    Einstein's Theory of Relativity). Lord Muruga as a small kid appears before
    Avvaiyaar and asking Sutta pazham vendumaa, sudaatha pazham vendumaa (and
    the same avvaiyaar is believed to be instrumental as peacemaker during
    adhiyamaan's period). One more twist is that Avvaiyaar is not a single
    character in history and it is the conglomeration of many avvaiyaars..

    Hence, they say "kanndavar vinndilar; vinndavar kanndilar"....
  • natarajan srinivasan sir...

    "vasaiyozhiya vaazhvaare vaazhvaar isaiozhiya
    vaazhvaare vaazhadha var"....

    who can decide what vasai is and what isai is.... when raja is all
    in power he is obviously going to get only isai and not vasai....

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