• Hi Guys,

    Whenever I think of PS, one of the first few things which come to my mind
    is the song, 'alaikadalum Oynthirukka'. Really curious to know if somebody
    has tuned it yet? If so, are there ne recordings?

  • Yes.

    Our Poonguzhali tuned the song and sung for us when we
    were in the kodiakkarai beach. It was recorded and
    will be available in VCD also.
  • Ennoda inda jenmathula enakku pazhaya jenmathoda paattu vaasanai mattum missing. Ana naan munnadi paadina songs mattum nyabhagam irukku. Tune ellam nalla varalai. Nalla irukkumnu ellam ethirparkaatheenga. (disclaimer)
    ennoda edatha parthavudane oru paravasam. adaan adakka mudiyama paaditten (kettavanga thaan sollanum athu paattaa illayyaannu).
    But i heard this song in national channel once. Some per teriyadha singer sung this song. Paravaaillay ragama irundudhu.
    I will try to get this song tuned by some good singer here. Ram I know you have very good music knowledge. why don't you tune this song and let all of us know once you have tuned. Naanga copy adichidarom.
  • aiooo ithu enna vambaa pOchu!
    Rpmbathaan thanadakkam, intha jenma poonguzhali'kku;-)...unga paattai kEttuttu, nallaa/sumaaraa/mOsamaa irukkaa-nu naanga solluROm.:-)
    naan varalai intha veLaiyaattukku...
    However, I have a few composer friends. I can ask them to give a try and if it comes out ok, shall upload it.
  • the national channel singer was singing as though she was so happy and bouyant....i felt they couldhave tuned it better wont you agree pavithra?
  • I've seen a version on doordarshan long back. T.K.Kala was the singer, I dont know the composer. Wasnt that impressive.

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