Kumari Kandam
  • Friends,
    Please share you thought in this subject. Do you believe that a continent existed?

    Please find few link, which are interesting:

    http://www.maestriinemuritori.go.ro/Imagine Kumari Kandam.htm

  • -Dear Jagathesh

    continental drifts did happen.
    it has caused some really puzzling occurences in the animal world. we
    have seals in inland seas 1000 kms from their cousins.
    but i thinkif man had been around he would have been in animal skins
    during that time.

    there was one geographical explanation to this historical question

    during the later ice ages however the sea was diferent. though during
    some ice ages the tropics were not actually covered by ice , many of
    those lands that are today seperated by sea could be reached by sea
    bed which was dry. whn the ice started thawing much of this land was
    covered by water.
    it has happened before and will happen again say geologists.
    so srilanka south india and a huge part of bay of bengal and indian
    ocean would have formed a land mass which went down after the ice age
    was over.but a sangam on that gondwona land i dont think really
  • Guys, apologize if I trigger emotions.

    In my opinion, there was no such thing as a "Tamil
    Sangam" in Madurai or in ancient Tamilnadu. Because,
    none of the anthologies were composed ( meaning
    collecting individual songs, collating, editing etc.,
    ) by the Pandian kings. The anthologies were collected
    and collated by the Cera kings.

    There is no record ( inscription or otherwise ) of
    these sangams excepting for those in commentories of
    poetry, which is a reminsience of the "Thiramila
    Sangam" founded by a Jain monk at Madurai during 3-6th

    I will change my mind, if somebody proves otherwise.
  • Venkatesh,

    If you happen to get 'Iraiyanaar Agapporul', let me know. I am
    looking out for it as it lists the participants of Idai thamizh

    On Thalai and Kadai Changam I can get back to you with proof.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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