• Friends

    How about a meeting on Sunday(06.11.05) @4.00PM ,Venue may be Beach or if its raining ,we can meet in Ghandi Mandapam.

    Pls comment
  • shankaran
    most of our makkal are incommunicado on the weekends.
    just fix a time and venue and let us know.
    gandhi statue 4. pm.
    if it rains lets see.( give your mobile so that they can find out the

    makkale thirai kadalena thirandu variir.
  • Chennai Vazi Makkalee,

    We can all meet on the below said time and venue,
    Pls confirm u r participants by return mail and u can
    be in touch with me on 9840012748
  • gandhi statue @ on sunday 6-11-05

    its a date
  • Where is this Gandhi statue?
  • chennai beach
  • Guys it is overcrowded and parking is a big issue on
    Sundays. Why dont we think of someother place ?
  • 4-6 is pretty uncrowded time in the beach. lots of parking too.

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