Homepage Ready in http://staging.thebigtemple.com
  • Dear All
    seemed to have gone silent suddenly never mind
    Venkat Swetha We need articles and ofcourse editing of the content so far
    please opine


    This is not live yet so please dont share it to the public or outside our group
  • The initial version has come out wonderful. Great to see this. Good
    luck guys.

    My only worry is varalaaru team should not object to the photo of
    RRC's statue in RRC;s intro page saying this site should have only
    authentic news and pictures :)..just kidding guys.
  • Hi All,
    Why u all r always targetting varalaary team.. We must all keep one thing
    in our mind.. varalaaru team is part of PS group and they came only from PS
    group. Those who are all writing in varalaaru, they also know this. From
    this point onwards we will stop usng the word varalaaru team. If you want to
    say anything point out direcly to the person..
    This is not the reply only to satish email. After reading the word
    'varalaaru Team' in so many emails I am writing this.
    Sorry for writing this..
  • Dear All,
    Site presentation looks nice.
    The photo of RRC in this site, is that one from Gujarat / Rajasthan museum?
  • No Ram
    its the one in front of periyakoil without shelter in the sun
  • -Dear sri

    have you heard of noah's ark
    the climate in chennai was just 38 days short
    we lived for 2 days on bread and weak tea and of course mobiles.
    everything else was out.
    right now, one by one everything is getting restored.
    could imagine how bad it was a t nagapattinam when pungkuzhali
    rescues rrc on a small boat.( nadarajan srivasan happy yaa?)
  • Heard about the launch through Ram and Cheenu. I visited the site some
    time back, but could not reply immediately.

    A good job done indeed. Hope to see more pages added....a one-stop
    information site for everything about bigtemple.

  • Krupa...Welcome back to "Naiyaandi Darbaar"...

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