PS Facts and Fiction : Vallavaraiyan Vandhiyathevan (Revised) -1
  • I had written earlier about Vandihyathevan but in the light of newer
    knowledge acquired in the past years I thought I could revisit this
    lovable hero of Ponniyin selvan (PS).

    Let us spend some time on who this vallavariyan was. It is highly
    unlikely that the actual marriage between kundavai and vandiyathevan
    (VD henceforth) was such a romantic affair as portrayed in PS.
    Almost every single marriage in chola family was a political affair
    and not a love affair. Even today most marriages in political
    families are calculated arrangements - we all see that.

    In chola days marriages were meant to strengthen the relationship
    between feudatories and the king so that they gained more attachment
    towards the central power of authority. This arrangement worked very
    well in the times of cholas. And it is absolutely surprising that
    even the chera - chola - pandiya kings - the so called sworn
    enemies - had the habit of marrying from each other's family.
    Aditya's marriage of a kerala princess (Chera Stanu ravi and Aditya
    I were close friends) - Parantaka I's Devi Malliswarathu
    nampirattiyar TENNAVAN mahadeviyar (pandiyan princess) (ref ARE 44
    of 1895) are all examples of this practice.

    Being the daughter of a powerful king, kundavai was given in
    marriage to a RASHTRAKUTA PRINCE or someone belonging to that family
    and this fellow was vandhiyathevan !! ARE 14 of 1920 bears solid
    testimony to this fact. It talks about a lamp stand donation of a
    queen called Ilango Pichchi, daughter of VALLAVARAIYAR and a senior
    queen of solap perumanadigal. In Epigraphica india Vol XXVI page
    233, this vallavaraiyar has been identified with Rashtrakuta king
    Krishna II.

    Thus there was a close political nexus and the practice of marrying
    rashtrakuta family members within the chola family. Though
    rashtrakutas were not that powerful during rajaraja's times it
    should have been with a purpose that kundavai married VD.

    And what was that ?
  • Nice 2 read good subject , i was thinking , if "Panchavan Madevi has been honoured by Pallipadi means why not Kundavi, Kundavi's working towards cholas is sure much more better than what panchavanamadevi has did.

    In fact Panchavanmadevi was came to picture while RR in power or atmost he about to take the power, but the real support was given by kundavai to RR , while he lives in his hard 15 yrs.

    So we need some more facts
  • Apart from Pallaipadai, this queen had also enjoyed a town by her
    name, 'Panchavanmaadevi' or present 'Panchamaadevi' near Karur.

    Panchavanmadevi - is she be a Pandia Princess? Pandia's
    were 'Aivar', they rule as five rulers.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • paandyan oruththanukke idam illai during the era we are talking about.
    the pandians ruled as a group of 5 kings much later
    second half of 13th century. by that time cholas were kuru nila
    one of them vira pandian had two capitals in the heart of chola land
    uyyakondan in trichy and kannanur in samayapuram( this was just
    before malik kafurs invasion)
    whenever I think of the pandyas and cholas I think " ore uraiyil
    irandu vaalkaL irukka mudiyathu"
    these two incompatible tribes had the misfortune of sharing the same
    stage and era in history. if not, perhaps history books might have
    been written differently.
  • Nope, we can find references to this, Aivar, even the times of
    Purananooru. I can come back to you with exact song.

    Pandyas, have marital relationship with Pandavas. Chitrangadhai is
    belived to be Daugther of Malayadhwija Panyan. This Pandian also
    participated in Kuruksjetra war and was killed by Karna, after a
    Valiant battle. Where Karna mentions, this Pandya is capable of
    destroying entire Kauravas, and hence he should be killed first.

    Ganapereyil Kadantha Ukkiraperuvazhuthi, is belived not to have
    ruled out of Madurai, when he waged a victorious war against Vengai
    MArban of Ganapereyil (Kaalayaarkoil).

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Hi rajendra solan
    thanks for the info.
    but pandyas were the weakest during chola pinnacles.
    5 raja rule panrathukku decentaa idam vendamaa?
    but I think all the proof points to pazhuvur as the origin of
    panchavanmathevi. and they were of chera origin.
    thers another contreversy whether she was a temple dancer or a
    princess too I guess

    whats this thing about kalayar koil? let me know. I am very
    interested in that temple.
  • The old name of Kalyar Koil, is Gaanapereyil. It was Ruled by or
    Captured by a mighty warrior, Vengai Marban, Lion Heart?. The then
    Pandya king Ukkira Peruvazhuthi, waged a war against him and won it
    for himself.

    This Pandya King,Cholan Rajasooyam vEtta Perunar killi and
    Marivenko,a Chera king, were close friends.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • kalayar koil's thevaram name is kaanapper
    that matches the name you give
    a pandya king also built the original temple.
    very tall gopuram where legend says atop which you can see madurai
    temple tower.
    a very large temple pond too. amaiya mandapam like madurai mariyamman
    ranganathar statue from srirangam stayed in this shiva temple during
    muslim invasion
    temple is also famous for its charriot and maruthu pandyar history
  • Yes, Marudhu Pandiyar, learnt warfare here. An apt place for them to
    learn and good Gel with history of Kalaiyarkoil.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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