• Hi everybody
    lets do some mental imagery of a sequel

    vanthiyathevan kunthavai
    amv- vanathi
    uthama- pungkuzhali

    can anybody think of how their married lives(post ps) would have been?
  • Wow, karpanai paNNippaarkkavE romba swaarasyamaa irukku.
    Among all the three couples either of one is soplaangee except the
    V'Thevan and Kunthavai couple. Vanathi is makku for a man of the
    stature of RRC and Senthan is a bigger makku for a woman like
    But Kunthavai and V'ThEvan are equally good and lively. So their
    married life would have been really interesting.

  • Vandhiyadevan kundhavai -

    Vandhiyadevan wud dare not call her by name... would have been
    living happily after marrying kundavai for his main problem is

    RRC - Vanathi

    kamban used to describe "kaikeyi" in one word....


    same applies to vanathi... nadiche avanai mandai kaaya vaichiruppaa..

    Sendhan - poonguzhali

    Naragam enbadhu paralogathil illai... igalogathil dhaan ulladhu
    endru sendhan amudhan unarndhiruppaan....
  • adappaavi makkaa....

    vanathiya pathi purinjukkaama pesudhiye....

    "NAADAGA MAYIL " aiyya.....
  • umakku eppadi vENaa thOnittu pOvattum.
    enakku athu oru makku plasthiri maathiri thaan irukku.
  • adhai thaan aiyyaa naanum solren.....

    she is "NAADAGA MAYIL"....

    that is why umakku ava makku plasthri maadhiri thondrughiraal.....
  • -Nadarajan sir
    vambenna saar irukku???
    when coming out of a movie or after finishing a book i always wonder
    what happens to the charecters after the storyline is finished.
    ithu oru saraasari feeling.
    last line" they lived happily thereafter" in grimms fairy tales is
    okay. but we are talking about great charecters.
    tell me honestly. havent you thought of this even once?
    right now why dont you give me your assesment.
    what happened to them all.????
    were they all happy after book 5 of ps
    and why did rrc marry 7 or 8 more times and why did vanthiyathevan
    marry once more?
    did uthama marry again?? we have to ask swetha.( shes an expert on
    the details of the chola harem)
    and let me tell you dhiwaker solrathu ellaam afrika kaattil pasi
    mayakkaththil oruththar ularukiraar endru thallavum mudiyaathu. there
    are some truths in what he says.
  • >
    > Sendhan - poonguzhali
    > Naragam enbadhu paralogathil illai... igalogathil dhaan ulladhu
    > endru sendhan amudhan unarndhiruppaan....


    Now I understand, why there was no war during Uthama chola rule. He
    must have been busy controlling (or being controlled by) Poonguzhali
    and hence didnt find time to fight his enemies. correct thane...
  • Is it possible that kundavai refused to have a child because a son would be
    a potential challenge to RRC? Probably Vandhiya Thevan married again to
    experience parenthood. The son would have been a problem with Vandhiya
    Thevan having strong feelings about his past. Already RRC was waiting for
    uththama sozhan to make way. Would this act of Kundavai created a massive
    sense of gratitude in RRC that he gave her lot of importance?

    Would RRC have married daughters of local chieftains/kings to win loyalties
    (and reserve his bravery for kingdoms far away from chozha nadu)?
  • ippadi solli solli usupethi vutte... enn udambellaam punnaaga

    today iam leaving to Bujumbura, burundi.

    ange ennavellaam kathundu irukko.....

    vaazhaipazhamo illai vaazhaikkaayo... edho onnu saaptu uyir vaazha
    vendiyadhu dhaan....
  • venkatesh sir.....

    idhukku per dhaan "vanja pugazhchi ani" ngradhaaa????

    anyway, "yeragathu chettiaar" kaapaathindu irukkaar till now...
  • "... thirundhaadha janmangal irundhennaa laabam... varundhaadha
    ullangal kidandhennaa laabam...."

    sir.... idhu naan enakke sollikaradhu.....
  • adra sakkai... adraa sakkai... satish has hit the bull's eye....

    100 mark ungalukku.....

    uthamanukku enemy velila illai.... veetukullaye irukku... janma

    yosichu paarunga uthamanoda nilamaiya....

    pazhaiya padathula ellaam varume ..... kumba thalaivar appaaviyaa
    iruppaar.... kudumba thalaivi aattam pottu, kudumba thalaivarai than
    kai pidikulla vaichiruppaa....

    aana climax la kudumba thalaivar...."ithanai naal nee senjadhellaam
    poruthukitten... inime poruthukka maatten" appadinnu oru dialogue
    solli palaar nnu oru arai viduvaar...

    aana andha climax scene mattum uthaman vaazhkayil nadandhirukkave
  • sir.. sankarar solraar in bajagovindam...

    "ilaiyil nilaithida jalamadhu thavikkum..
    indha jeevanum adhisaya sabalam..
    vetri vedhanai paadhai engum..
    logam sogamayam ingevarkkum..."

    enakkennavo andha last line is clearly pointing to uthama /
    sendhan's life nnu thonudhu....

    sankararukku uthama might have been a role model for composing this
    verse or he might have seen in gnanakann what uthama might have to
  • enna sivakumar sir...

    edhaavadhu pazhaiya padam paatheenagalaa...

    where the second wife of the hero / chitti of the hero refuses to
    have a child because her child might throw a challenge to the first
    child of the hero / the hero ????

    tamizh cinema paathu romba dhaan bejaar aaghirukkeenga nnu
  • My idea of Vanathi is totally different (I am yet to think about the other
    pairs, but for now this is my comments on Vanathi-ARV).

    Vanathi can never be 'naadaka mayil' (that is typical Kamban style and I
    like it).

    She is too innocent and her love for ARV, I believe is truly selfless and
    probably one can say it blind. This impression of 'naadaka mayil' is
    probably because of too much of her falling unconscious as portrayed by
    kalki. For being naadaka ..., one should have to be very shrewd and
    calculative (and even cunning too in certain cases), which she never was. Is
    there any instance, where Vanathi was assertive or even argumentative, both
    important characteristics of 'naadaka mayil'?

    Reg. her fainting frequently, I'ld attribute that to her constant fear of
    getting rejected by ARV (she is affter all a princess of a regional
    chieftian, whereas ARV is hugely popular throughout the kingdom) and/or
    (probably) about the possible opposition from others in the royal family
    except Kundhavai (Thinking more about that, Kundhavai probably supported
    Vanathi because she can rely on Vanathi's innocence, to have continuous
    influence on ARV. In other words, Kundhavai might also have felt possesive
    towards ARV and she was sure that Vanathi would not come bet. herself and

    Also remember that she took a pledge (when alleged by Poonkuzhali that she
    wants to be maharani) that she will never become the 'pattamahishi', even if
    she got married to ARV. Sort of renunciation of her "automatic right", isn't
    it? Doesn't this prove her love to be selfless? I would compare Vanathi's
    love for ARV to that of Shahjahan's love for Mumtaz.

    On the contrast, you can call Nandini as naadaka mayil. Just think of her
    influence over almost every male she met (except VD and chinna
    pazhuvettaraiyar probably). She satisfies ever criterion; assertive,
    argumentative, calculative, intelligent, acting and cunning too.

    Now, about the marriage life between ARV and Vanathi, I would think ARV as
    more fortunate than herself. Her selfless love for him, would have given him
    a greatest sense of family security and this would have been a factor in his
    success in wars and in running the kingdom. But, Vanathi would not have
    provided him intellectual support (simply because she is dumb in that area),
    which was probably provided by Kundhavai.

    It is said 'behind every successful man, is there a woman', but in ARV's
    case there are two in my opinion (need I elaborate who the two are?).

    I just love the character of Vanathi and the way it has been portrayed by
    Kalki. So, there is no wonder that this is heavily tilted. But, I would like
    to hear counterpoints for this.


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