Sharing the Happy News
  • Dear Friends,

    I am happy to share this great news with you all.
    My wife Nanditha delivered a baby girl yesterday evening. ie. 9th Oct
    7.20PM. Both mother and child are doing great. Yet to name my daughter.
    In the process of shortlisting names.
  • So you got promotion?
    congrats satish.You must be in cloud 9 now
  • Dear Satish and Nanditha
    Hearty congratulations on the arrival of the new princess into your lifes.
  • Dear Satish,
    Hearty congratulations.
  • Hai sathish

    does the short list of names include
    pungkuzhali, kundavai,nanthini and vanathi????????

  • Hello sathish,

  • Hi Satish,

    Hearty congratulations...
  • Hi Sathish,

    Hearty congratulations...good that you too joined the girl child club.
    My daugther was born on 18th July in St.Isabel, Mylapore, I nemd here
    netra. I am sending you a big list to your email ID from which you can
    choose from!
  • yen sir...

    nandini, kundavai , vanathi ellaam correct.....

    poonguzhali ????? thevaiyaaa????
  • Hi Dhiwakar
    I'm Senthan Amudan from New Jersey,I'm a new
    member of this group. I would like to know why you
    don't like the name Poonguzhali???..Isn't it a nice
  • Hai senthan
    no wonder you like the name pungkuzhali.
    on our group's trip to tanjore there was an animated
    discussion on the women of ps.
    if you check out the last months messages there was even a poll.
    Dhiwaker felt she had some serious psychological problems
    because o growing alone in a forest( of course he had other reasons
    for not likng the other women too)
    thats why.

    so though dhiwaker is presently in equtorial africa we dare not talk
    about punkuzhali without inviting a sarcastic comment from him.

    by the way last month's discussion was on how kalki chose the name
    pungkuzhali.did you see it?
  • Hi Venketesh,
    Really happy to see ur reply...I read few
    mails. I suppose every women character in the story
    was portrayed to have some distinct attitude. So
    Poonkuzhali too had her own slightly rash
    attitude..Infact she is really a nice girl..isn't she?
  • Hi senthan
    natarajan srinivasan, natarajan srinivasan nnu oruththar irukkaar
    namma groupla.
    umathu pungkuzhali patruthalai kandaal avar assetsla paathiyai umakku

    actually she's a very brave girl you know.
    killed a cheetah with her bare hands and the jaw bone of a shark.
    but she has this anti royal fixation. and finally the irony is that
    she becomes the queen.
    but her baiting vanathi frequently ( you could even call it biting)is
    terrible you know.

    and she doesnt respect the true love senthan has for her till the
    end. gives you a feeling she is after position in life and not the
    and what a person. senthan knows he is the right ful heir to the
    chola throne but doesnt open his mouth for he feels there are better
    people for the post.
    a remarkable charecter.

    its easy for a writer to maintain the upright nature of a charecter.
    but in sucha long book ellaa ottai udaisal ellaam veli vanthurum.
  • sendhan amudhan sir....

    ungalukku poonguzhaliya pudiche aaganum.... vera vazhiye illai.... or
    veetula vilakkumaaru dhaan..... sorum kidaikkaadhu.....

    but enakku andha pirachanai kidaiyaadhu...... poonguzhaliya pathi
    naan sonnadhellaam repeat pannennu vaiyynga.... enakku inge
    veecharuvaa dhaan.... meenambaakathileye pottu thalliduvaanga......

    anyway, personal mail anuppunga..... vilaavaariyaa solren...

    but one condition... andha mail oda transcript or details edhuvum
    group la post panna koodaadhu.....

    ennai vaazha vidungappaa.....
  • senthan amudhan sir.....

    venaam venaaam.. enakku kobam varaadhu..... sollitten......

    poonguzhali pathi marukkaa pesineenga.... bejaar aaiduveenga....oru
    mental ponnukku ennaiyaa ivvalavu peru parinju kattikinu vareenga?????

    kolli vaai pisaasunga kitta thodarbu vera andha ponnukku... enna

    andha "saapaaturaaman " vandhiyadevanukku vera vivasthaiye
    kidaiyaadhaaa..... pora vara ponnungalai ellaam paathu jollu
    viduvaan.... oru kuchikku pudavai katti nikka vaichaalum jollu

    that is why i said "sathyaraj" is apt for Vandhiyadevan

    anyway, i think poonguzhali wud have been reciting "seval viruththam"
    when she was alone.....

    theriyum la ... bodha predha pisaasugal and other forms of peigalai
    viratta valladhu "seval Viruththam"....
  • senthan amudhan sir....

    atleast indha janmathilayaavadhu poonguzhali maadhiri oru ponnai
    kalyanam pannikaadheenga....

    vera nalla ponnaa paarunga... New Jersey la vera irukkeenga.....
    evvalavu nalla ponnnunga kidaippaanga.....

    but dhayavuseidhu poonguzhali maadhiri oru araathai

    yosichu paarunga.... cheetah vai bare hands la konna ponnukku..
    neenga thoongindu irukkumbodhu.. avvalavu en .. neenga muzhichindu
    irukkum bodhey unga kazhuthai nerichu kolradhukku evvalavu neram

    venaam... enna dhaan neenga ilaignaa irundhu "vaaliba vayasu " la
    poonguzhali kaiyya pudichu izhuthaalum.........uyirukku aabathu....
    kattadhorai kooda venaam.... avale unga kadhaiya mudichiduvaaa....
  • Dear all,

    Thanks a lot for your wishes.

    Yes, Kundavai, nandini and Poonguzhali (sorry diwakar, PS
    poonguzhaliya pidikutho illayo, andha peru pidichirukku) all came to
    my mind. Immediately another scene came to my mind...15 years later
    en ponnu enna pathu "dei appa, appana nee peru vechirukka paru
    Kundavainu, enna repair pannita.. schoola ellam enna kundhu kundhunu
    koopadaranga...manam povuthu" appadinu thititanu vachikunga..naan
    enga poi moonchiya vechikarathu. ulagathula padi perukku PS nu oru
    novel erukkaratho, RR oda akka than Kundavaino risk
    edukka virumbala..

    Nandini, though beautiful is very much common name.
    Poonguzhali.....same reason as trying to balance with
    a name which should be traditional yet unique....Actually mandakini
    is also a beautiful name, ana dawood ibrahim ala andha peru repera
    pocha adhanala koncham mersala erukku (cha endha diwakar kooda
    senthu enakku andha basha vanthiruchi..)

    Thanks once again for all your wishes. will keep you posted on the
    name soon.
  • satish...

    un ponnu solradhai pathi kavalaiye padaathey.... nee enna peru thedi
    thedi vaichaalum avalukku edhaavadhu nick name kuduthu dhaan

    for instance " nandhini" might become "kundhu nee".... so idhukellaam
    kavalai pattu per vaikkaathey.....

    when in chandigarh , one tamizhan (dont want to mention the name)
    said that he named his son "balaji" because everyone in north will
    call him "Ji" i.e with respect as the name itself contains the
    word " ji"...

    naan summa illaama... "sir.. neenga vera.. u will come to tamil nadu
    one day... appo unga paiyyanai paathu ellaarum...

    'balaji bajji.. high court sojji.. kodambakkam bridge.. bridge mela
    car u.. carukkulla yaaru... namma mama Nehru... Nehru enna sonnaaru..
    Nalla padikka sonnaaru.... gandhi enna sonnaaru... boondhi thinga
    sonnaaru ' "

    nnu raagathoda paadi vera kaamichchen.....

    enna nadandhirukkumnnu ninaikare??????
  • Dhiwakar Sir..Tamil Ponnugellam Murathala Puliya
    adichu viratuvaanga...and Cheetahva kooda Bare handsla
    kolluvaanga...but avanga Husbanda apdiellam seiya
    mataanga...(Even in one vivek's comedy in a movie
    it would be like that...Where some women will be
    eating mann sorru (Sand Rice) and would be beating
    vivek for kidding them..finally when her husband beat
    her she wouldn't even defend herself)
    Thats why even Mr.Krishnamurthy had finally ended the
    story as, the so called dreadful Poonkuzhali marrying
    the soft-guy Senthan...Namma Tamizh ponnuga yentha
    Eralaiyum maaramaataanga....
    And also on the other front.. her attitude may be
    neccessary for surviving in those it
    may be some of her survival skills...which when looked
    from a cultured perspective may appear bad..I would
    say KALKI had exactly pictured a woman been brought
    up in such an environment...There is nothing wrong in
    her..its b'cos of the environment her attitude is
    slightly different....

    neenga yenna sollureenga Dhiwakar sir..???
  • Dear Satish,

    Congratulations !!!

    Devudaa... Devudaa... Ezhumalai Devudaa...


  • meyyaaalumE unga pEru poonkuzhaliyaa???

    > --- In [email protected], "SatishKumar
  • correc dhaan sir..... senthan amudhan maadhiri oru soft aalu dhaan
    poonguzhali maadhiri oru ponnukku sarippadum....

    "dei.. ange ennda saththam...??? konja neram summaa irukka maata?.".
    nu poonguzhali oru sound vittaa podhum... avvalavu dhaan sendhan
    amudhan maadhiri oru aalukku asthiyila juram kandudum.....

    anyway Kundavai kku oru vandhiyadevan maadhiri .. poonguzhalikku oru
    senthan amudhan......

    but remember "kolaiyum seivaal pathini".... adhuvum poonguzhali
    maadhiri oru paththini ya pathi sollave vendaaam....
  • muruganandam sir....

    nenga paatukku repeat .. apeettu nnu ellaam mail anuppareenga....

    satish paavam... idhukke nurai thappi keezhe
  • idhukku peru dhaan "sanchitham".. munnam seidha vinai....

    senthan amudhan endha kaalathula endha paavam senjaano.... ippadi
    patta ponnu avanukku wife.....

    idhukku dhaan solvaanga..."manaivi amaivadhellaam iraivan kodutha
  • poonguzhali madam.....

    sathiyamaa solren.... enakku kalyanam nnu onnu nadandhu.. ponn
    kuzhandhainnu onnu porandhaa ... sathiyamaa andha peari mattum
    vaikka maatten.....

    all advice is now to satishkumar..... avanai dhaan namma group
    members ellaam saerdhu vaatti edukkaraanga...... paavam budhdhi
    pedhalichu poi irukkaan.....adhaavadhu mersalaaittaan....
  • soodam koluthi sathiyam panna sollalaamaa.. illai thundai keezha
    pottu thaanda sollalaamaa....

    ennave neeru... innum "mundhaanai mudichu " kaalathileye
  • ada aandavaa...

    en thamizh pulamaiyay kurai solvadhaaa... aiyaho.... en seiven....
    natarajan srinivasan avargal poonguzhaliyay pathi yosithu yosithu
    ennai pol meiyyanbargalai purindhu kollaamal vittu vittaare...

    idhai dhaan "thath thvam asi" endru vadamozhiyil solvaargalo..

    My image total damage....
  • naan innum Rajarajachozhan kaalathula illE irukkEn.
    enna neeru enna Munthanai mudichu kaalathukku thookkittu
  • oh.. appadiyaa sangadhi.. theriyaama solliputten... mannichu
  • Solradhukku namakku enna valikkavaa pogudhu.
    Solradha solli vaippom... adhukku appuram avargal kashtam.

    kashtapattaal thaan ellaamae.
  • no pain .. no gain aaa???

    venaam venaam.. we will discuss this further in our personal mails
    with a cc marked to satish and sivakumar as well..

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