Flash News- SUN TV Interview
  • Dear all...

    Okay people- here's another feather in the cap of the PS egroup.

    We're going to be on TV!

    SUN TV contacted Kamal about the PS- Trip some time ago. It took a week for
    them to finalise things. Here's the latest about the interview:

    The shooting is to be at an internet browsing centre called DreamsNet (in
    West Mambalam), on 29/03/2003 (Saturday) at 11.30 in the morning.

    The programme will appear in 'Chennai Times' - one of SUN TV's features on
    life in Chennai. Its to be for half-an-hour, and it'll discuss topics on our
    trip, about the egroup in general, how to access it on the Net, etc.

    We're yet to know when it'll be telecast on TV. I'll write as soon as I get
    the news.

    Will give a report about the shoot when its over.
  • Dearl All,
    Thats really great news for the group and
    more particularly to Kalki's writing which continues
    to make us discuss one topic after
    another.Congratulations and All the best wishes for
    adding more feather on cap of PS group.
    Great to be in this group.Would also add, people could
    ask for more audience for classical Tamil literature
    as to increase the reading popularity on Tamil
    Classics,in the interview if possible.
  • Just when I was beginning to miss Mr.Swaminathan's
    interview on Jaya, Pavithra brings this great news!
    Ippa naanum namma program paakalam! (Thanks to Sun TV
    and DishNet)
    Give us an update on the telecast date, people. I will
    be seeing it the next day, but still..... :))
  • yeppa thilaxxxuuuuu....

    >(Thanks to Sun TV and DishNet)

    DishNet vaeraba....idhu DreamsNet...namba aasththaana inaya ulaa
  • neeeeengo dreamsnet-la pesaradha naan dish net-la
    paaka porennu sonnen! indha oorla sun tv kudukaravanga
    peru dish network. adhan matter....

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