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  • Dear All,
    While thanking all those who responded to
    the educational styles in Chola times, I still wonder
    with some additional inputs, when I was refering Chola
    times, I was actualy referring to the Raja Raja Cholas
    as I am wonder struck at the Periya Kovil.But if the
    Kallanai was built in 2AD,then it further raises the
    question.....And also it makes me to wonder from where
    did, Thiruvalluvar got his education?His Thirukkural
    said to be written more than 2000 years ago, makes one
    to wonder, from where did he attain the knowledge,Who
    was his teacher?Where did he study?

    I agree that every school should have the great tamil
    classics including Ponniyin Selvan,Parthiban
    Kanavu,Sivagamiyin Sabatham,etc and this group could
    play a great role in an initiative in that direction.

    This would help the younger generation to be in
    loving,caring and getting a sense a proud of their
    ancestors than not only reading the "English" culture.
    We need to know how the educational systems in those
    times, helped those Rajas to build such massive
    monuments whether temples or dams or whatever.This
    will also help us,why we had ignored if at all those
    great monuments?Were we influenced by the educational
    systems of the last couple of centuries?If yes,in
    whatway we were influenced?What is there to learn from

    While agreeting that Tamils had a great glorious times
    in the past, I also need to feel proud that Tamils are
    equally maintaining their culture,language so that
    Internet,Tamil wouldn't have grown if Tamils didn't
    love their language.So I think people while agreeing
    lot need to be done,should also feel proud of what has
    been done.Ofcourse we need to do more in times of
    changing periods when the
    traditions,cultures,language,etc are facing
    challenging times.

    This group formation and its growth itself I think is
    a great contribution towards the maintenance of our
    language and culture. But we do need to feel while
    people talk that French loves to talk their language
    and maintain their culture,when a Tamil does the
    same,people tend to call the Tamils differently. I
    wonder why there should be a difference,afterall
    everyone should love their language and yet,learn
    other great works whatever and wherever it comes
    from.Is it not the words of Mahakavi?

    Looking forward to hear more on initiatives from this
    group and more thoughts on education for future
  • I would disagree on this staement on how much we love tamil..Yes we love the language but it was our Srilankan Brothere who put Tamil in the Global perspective and Put The Language on the net...In UK If you talk in tamil they ask you are you srilankan....becuase the average perseption is Tamils are from Srilanka.

    As for promoting tamil people should look inside to understand the greatness of the language....I am trying to read the classics in project madurai even want to do Tamil literature as a course to understand the ilakiyams...

    But the general attitute of todays society is Media and movies you have debates on what decisions a TV serial charector takes...That has to change...We need to love Tamil but have to take the best from other languages as well..I was foolish in my Tamil veri that I refused to learn HINDI Is my mother tongue inferior to Hindi...but in hindsight that would have been one more thing learned

    Yes we are making good progress but more need to be done if not the new generation will beleive tamil was a language which was spoken in tamilnadu...I tried so hard to speak to people in Madras in Tamil but they only reply in English!!!!
  • Please visit or many other
    websites,this is not to undermine other contributions
    but just to add as a comment.Yes,I do agree on that
    people attitude on films,media has to change for
    better towards developing attitude to talk in Tamil
    instead of English,but then again one cann't forget
    that TN's leaders for the last few decades have been
    from the film world which continues today and thus
    people tend to talk of films,media characters,etc..etc...

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