A sad news-Ponniyinselvaa
  • I came to know through some blogs that "ponniyinselvaa" aka
    Karthikeyan, one of our group's oldest members died in an accident
    (Bangalore) last Friday.

    His photograph collection on Humpy & vijayanagaram was famous, too.

    I used to chat with him those days frequently, very jovial and pleasent..

  • Dear Krupa
    If that is Tue Its really a Sad Loss
    Any further news
  • Very sad news.Many times we forget that life will end.We see people
    dying all around us.We shed our drop of tears and continue our
    work.What do we achieve?Is it worth it?

    Where is the mammoth empire of rajendra chola?Where is the greatest
    empire of genghis khan?What did his soldiers get by dying in the war?
    What did rajendra get?He got tons of gold,which then went to pandyas
    and next to malikgaffur.He got a pot of ganges water,that's all.

    Where is the massive empire of napolean?What happened to the dream of
    hitler?Where is rockfeller's standard oil?Where is PT Barnum?

    How insignificant human life is?Whatever we achieve,amount to nothing
    in the end.We all go back empty handed.And all these fights and egos
    mean nothing in end.

    Ponniyin selva has gone back to the creator.He has gone a bit
    early,though.Indru nee,nalai naan...We dont realize it.
  • Dear Krupa and Sampath
    Thats really sad...We need to remember him in our prayers May he RIP...
    Sampath what u said is absolutely true This life is unpredictable.....
  • Yes Krupa ... it is really a sad news ....
    he is very active when i joined the grp .. i started to study abt the
    vijayanagar kingdom after seeing his hampi picturesss....
    infact when i come to bangalore .. i tried to collect his whereabouts ...
    but some how i did not continue ...
    Beleive god will give his family all courage to over come this invaluable
    loss ...

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