contempraries of rrc - Pala/Sena Dynasty
  • Yes, Pala dynasty existed when Great Raja Raja Cholan, was commanding
    ruler of souther half of India.

    When Rajendhra Cholan sent his troops to Ganges, it defeated Mahi Pala.
    And one of his generals Samanta Sena, settled in Bengal and started to
    rule it. This was the begining of Sena Dynasty. I guess, this is the
    start of good relationshi between Bengal and the great TamilNadu. Abaya
    Kulothunga Cholas, Guru, is belived to be a Bengali.

    I was discussing, about this with my Bengali friend. He said the
    present days "Sen's" are from Sena lineage.So, Amartya Sen, may have
    got his Great Great Great....Grandfather a Tamil. Not to mention about
    the other popular personality.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • aamaam,

    idhey maadhiri lineage extend pannikine pongo... kadaisila adhu edho oru kurangu kitta poi mudiyum..... naamum santhoshamaa "aaha naanga kurangu vamsathavanungo" nnu kaliyaattam podalaaam...
  • You are correct.

    Infact, I am now looking out for a tribe, who had thier insignia as
    a 'Monkey' and belived to be from a Monkey god or something. They
    must have been in Karnataka, once atleast. And centered near Hampi.

    Kindly let me know, if you come across one.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • naama ellorum kurangilirundhu dhaan vandhom nnu solraanga.....

    adhu unmainnaa why innum kurangu irukkudhu??? athanai kurangum en manushnaa maaralai..... meiyaalume pirila paa.... dayavu senju yaaraavadhu pal tholakki thuppuna nallaa irukkum.....
  • aparna sen
    moon moon sen
    riya sen
    konkana sen

    elloru solar ilavarasikalaa?

    now we get a better picture of how kunthavai must have looked

  • adappaavingalaa

    unga jollukku oru alave illaiyaa.... aana adhula mukkiyamaana orutharai vuttuttiye thala...

    " Sushmitha sen " na nee marakkalaamaaa...

    With regards

    Sushmita sen dasan.

    note: ennada serious aaa pona discussionai disai thiruppi vidaraanennu ellaarum adikka varaadheenga.....
  • muruganandam sir,

    sila kurangugal ( ennai maadhiri) have not evolved nnu enakku theriyum.. but my aiyappaadu is "why have they remained not evolving"?.... adhukku dhaan yaaraavadhu badhil sollunga nnu kekkaren.....

    cockroach paravaayillaippa... mothamaa appadiye dhaan irukkungo.. but kurangu mattum why oru paadhi evolve aaikinum innoru gumbal evolve aagaamalum irukku....... "nandu, chendu, vandu" kadhai maadhiri irukku....
  • According to Evolution theory, some species of monkey would have evolved
    into human beings and balance would not have evolved; they would have
    remained as it is.
    Remember, cockroaches were there even during Dinosaur days and they have not
    evolved into any other species.

    (Edho en sitrarivukku ettiyadhai sollitten; yaarum saattaiya eduthuttu
  • I remember an old comic joke I had seen in Nat Geo mag.
    A monkey will be reading "Encyclopedia of the evolution of Man"
    I will think, "Can't understand, where we missed the right path" ;-))))
  • I am not sure whether cockroach have remained as it is; could be some would
    have evolved into some other species. (yaaravadhu diwakarukku reply
    pannunga.. illanna summaa voodu katta aarambichiduvaaru pola)

  • vikumar,

    thirumoolaroda "aapasaitha kurangu..." paadal padichirukkeengalaa????
  • very natural pa.... mirugangalai pathina guess ellaam "wild" aa dhaan irukkum....
  • Hello friends,

    Shall we talk about "Bala kumaran's " Udayar..

    It like that story very much..

    Balakumaranan is too great like kalki. (According to me)
  • an american in japan wants to marry a local girl.
    a local elder dissuades him

    its all a question of anscestory he says
    she's descended from the moon goddess and you from a monkey
  • yappaa, anthaLavukku namakku aRivu kedaiyaathu
  • cockroaches have survived the ice ages i have read

    not that they never evolved

    some specimens from the dinosaur age include
    the armadillo, rhino, hipppo and the alligator

    they have not evolved fast, thats all

    change is the only thing permanent
    children of each succeeding generation are taller, have an higher iq
    ( can also write software and show banda like swetha!!!!!)

    all these are a part of evolution
  • Natarajan, you are actually correct. You should see evolution process
    as a tree. THere are branches coming out of branches and the same way
    species evolve. While one species of chimps evolved into the HOMO
    family, the rest remained the same. Its actually fascinating to read
    about the search for the missing links..
    AS for cockroaches, there are 3500 species known in world and so
    saying that cockroaches did not evolve is not correct. Whereas
    Coelacanth is one fish that hasn't evolved for a lot of time.

    anyway, any readers of Jay Gould, Huxley, Darwin here?...

    Muthu Prakash R
  • appo kadavul dhaan ellaarayum padaichaar enbadhu ellam summavaaa????

    appadi irukka sollo, indha siddhargal, vallalar pondra vanga ellaam yedho, yogathaala saagaa varam petradhaagavum, ainthozhil puriyum sakthi kidaichadhaagavum solraangale!!!! appo adhellaamum thilaalangidi velai dhaanaaaa??
  • Dear Jagan
    Please dont compare Kalki to Balkumaran in historic fiction....I agree Bala is great writer but dont compare him with Kalki please...

    I havent finished the fourth bagam of Uadayar yet but its probably the most dragging historic novel(or maybe i should call it social novel with historic names and background) I have ever read...

    I was given PS when i was in the 4th std to read....those of you who have read PS will give your children at the same age....Can you give Udayar to your children???I wont it needs a A certificate...

    Kalki used his imagination on a historic background and built a mega novel...I am afraid Bala hasnt achieved that...

    secondly in a historic novel you want to reiterate the facts you are aware with your imagination...many a places you feel Bala is talking to you than his charectors thats a big difference to Kalkis potrayal of charectors each charector has its own niche and charectors....

    Kalki is Kalki no comparision definitely not Udayar of Bala ( I am really not surprised the weekly withdrew its support for the serialisation)

    with Kalki and sandilyan and akilan when one chapter finished you want to go to the next next week or turn pages then and there and where dissapointed that the nect week it was a different angle in the story line Bala doent create that thirst


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