list of places in ps
  • Dear members,
    not all of us can go on the trip to the locales mentioned in ps.
    some of us are abroad
    some tied up with other work
    and some have already seen the places
    my suggestion is
    the group going to these locations must be a healthy mix of 75% who
    havent seen the places and 25 % who are knowledgable about it.
    but there can be greater participation of all members.

    to start with we can all give suggestions of what to see.
    they can be place names from ps.
    also must see places around these areas

    we can all work to create a data base on the significance of the
    place in ps

    like for example in kadambur

    we can say
    1.the story started here when vanthiyathevan stayed overnight'
    2.the main event ( murder of a.karikalan) took place here
    3. finally manimekalai dies here.
    i am enclosing a list of places in volume 1

    1. viranam lake
    2. viranarayanapura vinnagaram
    3. kadambur
    4. kollida karai
    5. kudanthai josiyer house( near kali temple?)
    6. arisilatrangarai ( the episode of the stuffed croc)
    7. pagaivan palli padai ( thiru purambayam)( alvarku adiyan)
    8. thanjavur
    9. pazhaiyarai
    10. vadametrali ( isaana siva battars house)

    11. maamalla puram( aaditya karikalan)

    we could send across the whole data base with those going on the
    trip. should make their experience more enjoyable.
  • Dear Venkatesh
    The vets have done two trips already tracing most of the places which VD travelled...
    I have attached the travelloque by Pavithra who hopefully will be our secretary of PVP

    sounds like a politacal or militant outfit!!

    btw its Sridhar nor Srithar you can call me sri
  • i saw the post for the availability of the cd and went backwards
    and wow i literally was imagining travelling with you guys and looking at thesee places. how i wished i could hv known this trip earlier?
    noted all these places for my trip ( i wanted to start from tanjore brahdeswarar temple being an ardent fan of baala)not only from pooniyin selvan but also from uddayar

    your iternery was very explanatory and wish i could join some if they make another trip- or god willing i will travel in my own car

    wish you all the best


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