• dear mr.sps

    there is a small village enroute to thirunelveli from madurai its name is Gangaikondan is this is any way connected to Chozas or Pandyas.

    i personally feel that more importance is given by the Schlors towards the northern part of tamil nadu. i think there is lot to be left explored in the southern parts of tamilnadu i am not having any proper evidence but i hered that only 45 inscriptions have been read by the epigraphist in madurai meenakshi temple complex. plz correct me in this regard if i am wrong
  • Actually the most glorious history of Tamilnadu
    started from Uraiyur, moved to Puhar, Tiruvarur,
    Pazhayarai, Thanjavur and ended in Gangaigonda

    When Parthiban dreamt(6th century) of downing Lion
    flag and putting tiger flag high in Uraiyur(then
    Trichy) rockfort it became true in 9th century when
    Cholas ended Pallavas history.

    So from 9th century to 14th century the whole Tamil
    political and her great empire dominantly taken place
    in Uraiyur-Thanjavur-Pazhayarai-Gangaigonda

    There was no bias towards southern Tamilnadu but
    historians gave importance to the Chola history
    because of its richness. The Cholas put Tamil in

    We call Thanjai Tharani always. Its not exaggerated.
    During Rajaraja Cholan and Rajendra Cholan the world
    politial center was there. So Thanjai Tharani called
    after centuries.

    History is past truth. We have to accept it.
  • Basically, I feel that the Cholas, Thanjai and its belt are given such
    importance or rather hailed like anything because, that was the last
    Tamil kingdom which flourished like anything. Correct me if I am
    wrong, after the cholas, RR and RJ, no great emperor ruled Tamil Nadu
    and slowly the power center shifted to Vijayanagara empire and later
    to the Marathas..(am I right in saying this)
    So people tend to remember only the recent happenings and since cholas
    were the last greats in TN, they are hailed and Tanjai is also hailed.

    Parthiban was a fictitious character. So we cant take him into
    account. Prior to Cholas, Pallavas were at their peak, I would say
    better than Cholas, becuase they were forerunner of many things. RR is
    hailed because he left lots of proofs in form of Kalvettus. Tamil is
    said to have flourished in Pandya reign. Sangam valartha Pandiyargal,
    and Madurai was the center of Tamil development.
    The whole of Tiruvilayadar Puram, one of the important purnams of
    Saivaites, happens in Pandya kindom, and this shows that how blessed
    was Pandya Kindom earlier.

    As I said, Humans tend to remember only the recent happenings.So we
    remember and hail the cholas. Dont think that I am against the cholas.
    While talking about history, we should give due importance to everyone
    who contributed.

    I remember the incident when we, the PS members first met at Marina,
    Gandhi Statue,last December. During the course of the discussion, I
    said, the Pandyas were much greater earlier, because Tiruvilayadal
    puranam happened there, Tamil Sangam was in madurai etc and why dont
    we discuss anything other than RR. You know what, as soon as I said
    this, Kamal and Shankaran asked me, "are you from Madurai"? I said I
    am from North Arcot.Even today I laugh at this question. Because we,
    in the sense PS group, are so much blindfolder and biased to some
    extent that we cant think of anyone else greater than RR or the
    cholas. Its a general (mis)conception that Madurai people are biased
    towards Pandiyas, Tanjai people are biased to Cholas etc. My point is
    due importance should be given to whoever it is, if they have
    contributed to the history and the kingdom.
  • Agree with Satish. I think the main reason the Pandyas don't get much
    attention is the lack of "historical" evidence. ThiruviLayaadal Puranam is
    fine but it is not exactly verifiable history. Which is one reason that the
    Pandyas lag behind the Cholas in getting accolades from us :)
  • I am sorry that mistakenly taken Parthiban was a real
    time Chola king due to I had the habit of taking
    Kalki's character were real.

    Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas were great rulers of
    Tamilnadu. Especially Pandyas contribution to Tamil
    language was great.

    People adored Nedunchezhiyan for his valour and his
    work for language.

    Recently I was travelling through "Kovil Venni" near
    Tiruvarur which was "Venni Paranthalai" were Karikal
    Cholan at the age of 19 defeated Cheras, Pandyas and
    100 chieftains all at once. I couldn't imagine how
    many died but I got chilled by his valour victory.
    Karikal Cholan's Puhar city, Kallanai dam were put him
    and Tamil together zenith.

    Its natural tendency to discuss and take something
    from great history the way Kalki got famed by PS.

    PS will give enormous energy to its reader. Its gave
    me 100 times energetic in troubled times than before I
    was in comfort. Such a marvellous epic.

    Long live Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas history.
    Long live PS. Long live Kalki's fame. Long live PS
  • If glorious in sense of architecture, then
    cholas/pallavas definitely. But literature-wise and
    for ancientness, both come only after pandiya kings
    (Pandiya kings are mentioned in Vyasa's mahabharata,

  • dear sathish
    you were rightin saying that cholas were the
    greatest tamil kings the pandyas were not temple
    builders or great conquerors even the much hailed
    sundarapandiyan only recaptured madurai from the
    cholas . The present temple at madurai was largely
    built by the latter nayakars so history has almost
    forgotten them

  • But, I am happy as long as they are biased towards some Tamil king.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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