nandu peruchchaali
  • Naattu makkalukku oru seidhi. dum dum dum dum dum...

    I am yet to go through all the mails...pending for a number of days.

    adhukku munnaadi chumma oru kutti seidhi. petti-la poattukkonga.
    sattunnu udhavum.

    Regarding tamil eBooks, may be some of us already know, some may not.
    Anyway, here it goes:

    A large number of Tamil eBooks in PDF format can be downloaded from here:

    But it has only a selected number of books.

    All major Tamil works (right from sanga kaalam to through this modern
    era (no su.ra.) can be downloaded from here:


    PS: The Subject name of this message does not have anything to do with
    the actual message. Only this subject name came to my mind quickly
    after I typed the message. ayyo, adikka varaangaley! vidu joooooot!

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