all can enter madappalli?No way
  • Letting people from other religions inside temples is a different
    issue, but what I am concerned more about is letting me inside the
    Madappalli of temples. Madappalli? Hey, I did not mean "idiot

    saamikku neivedhyam panna, ovvou kovil-layum samaikkara yedam onnu
    irukkum. idly, vadai, dhosai, murukku yellaam andha yedaththuladhaan
    prepare aagum. andha yedaththukku paerudhaan "madappalli".

    It would be very nice if they allow me to enter into this
    madappalli. puliyodharai, chakkarai pongal, venpongal yellaam
    kabaleegaram panna yenakku vasadhiyaa irukkum.

    Please discuss and make necessary arrangements for this.

    saappaattu Raman (Abdulla),

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