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    The famous Inscription at Paalkulathamman - which was interpreted by the British in about 1927 - raising queries whether there existed a Pallippadai for Rajaraja, because of the term EZHUNDARULIYA ... - and by the detailed study of Published Inscriptions by ASI, republished Inscriptions by in Varalaaru issue and newly published inscriptions by Dr. Kalaikkovan and Dr. Nalini - my views are as under :

    a) One inscription mention of one KAILASA NATHAR. The Deity is Siva and the temple is named as Abode of Siva - namely Kailasa.

    b) there is another inscription which mentions of : SIVAPAATHA SEKARA EESWARAMUDAYAR.

    Who can be SIVA - PAATHA SEKARA ( one who accumulates the Paadha Dhooli of Lord Siva over his head ) ESWARAMUDAYAR - CAN THIS ALSO BE LORD SIVA ?

    Certainly NO. It denotes one WHO CALLS HIMSELF AS " SIVA PAATHA SEKARA - who is NONE OTHER THAN RAJARAJA - who became to be known as Periyathevar - even in his Life time till 1014 CE.

    That in procession the Brass Image of Periyathevar - with his consort Dhanthi Sakthi Vidanghi accompanying the Bronze Images of Sundarar - his consort Nangai Paravai, Thirugnana Sambandar, Thirunavukkarasar along with the Thevera Thevar @ Chandrasekara murthy - hymning Thirupadhiyams @ Thevarams were taken in the Thanjavur Brahdeswara Complex. One Ekkalam was named as Rajaraja and other named as Sivapatha sekara - as described in the inscriptions of the Big temple.

    In the 29th Year of RRC - Corresponding to the 3rd year of RAJENDRA I - Danthi Sakthi Vidangi offered Golden flowers at Tiruvalanchuzhi to the Kshetrapalar she established. (No. 237 Vol VIII - SII)

    In the same 3rd year of RAJENDRA I - 221st day Rajendra performed Thilaparvatham and offered Golden flowers. This can be taken as the 16th day of Demise Rituals of RRC. On the 228th day Rajendra's wife Valavanmadevi offered Golden flowers at Tiruvalanchuzhi Kshetrapalar. (No. 236 Vol VIII - SII).

    It is Dr. Kalaikkovan and Dr. Nalini who found the hitherto unknown inscription denoting RAJENDRA I as SIVA SARANA SEKARAN... and published in Valanchuzhi Vaanar & Varalaaru issues !!

    In the 4th year of Rajendra, he offers Viboodhi madal to Periyadevar Image in the Big temple.

    I remember to have read of a Grant by Danthi Sakthi Vidangi in Thiruvaiyaru in Rajendra's 6th or 7 th year. She out lived RRC.

    In the 8th year of Rajendra inscription in Papanasam (near Kumbakonam - where the biggest Surya stone image - allegedly the first set up by Thennavan Moovenda velalan in Chakrakoil nearby ) PERIYA THEVAR watched the Festivals and offerings made to Him...

    From Thirumandhiram and the Samadhilinga Pradhistai by Saraswathi Mahal, a Sivanadiyar's Mortal Body - duly purified - is Porjected for Public worship - EZHUNDARULI ... and then laid to rest in Samadhi. A siva lingam is erected above that. The Sivanadiyar is always under the LOTUS FEET OF LORD SIVA... Siva Paatha Sekara. Such Sivanadiyars are never Cremated - stated Dr. Padmavathi who is expert is Saivism and Pasupatha cult.

    KOIL - House of King has turned to be Temple of Lord .

    THIRUMALIGAI - Such Abode of the Sivanadiyars !

    Though there are More than one Periyathevar in Chola History, Rajaraja appears to have attained Siva Dikshai and was raised to the level of Sivanadiyar like Sundarar as could be seen from the Cheraman Perumal Episode - pictorially depicted in the Big temple. In the Thrivalanchuzhi East Gopuram there is sculpture depicting Cheraman perumal episode.!! So it is evident he was worshipped like Sundara, Appar and Sambandar.

    A white elephant came to take Sundara to Kailasam.

    Danthi Sakthi vidangi eduppitha Ganapathiar is probably remade as WHITE GANAPATHI - Swetha Vinayagar - Vellai Vaaranar - denoting that Sivapatha Sekara also reached Kailasam with his body - without having been cremated - lifted by a White Elephant !!

    Evidently Swetha Vinayagar related inscriptions are dated only Post - Kulothunga and NOT Earlier..

    Imagine an ordinary Citizen from Tamilagam trying to visit Himalayas or Kailasam to worship Lord Siva. Apart from the Logistical difficulties, one need to cross several hostile territories. So Rajaraja constructed DAKSHINA MERU taking cue from Rajasimhas Kailasanathar in Kanchi.

    Same way Rajendra erected Gagai Lake - to provide alternative to aspirations of those who desired to have holy dip in Ganges in Varanasi or Tiruveni Sangamam !! Indeed Rajendra brought Ganges from Tiruveni Sangamam of Bengal stated Dr. Kudavayil Balu Sir in his recently published article in Tamil Hindu.

    Both rendered great service to the cause of Faith.

    anbudan - sps

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