Rare Novels Received-Thanks to Sathya
  • Dear Members

    Sathya one our our group member and he has also collecting the historical rare novels gave the following 5 books for electronic conversion.

    01. Thenpandi Singam Jambulingam- Chinna sandilyan
    02. Chandhrikai-K.S Anandhan
    03. Vetri Thirumagan-Kovi Manisekaran
    04. Sirpiyin Magal-Poovannan
    05. Naalavan-Ramasamy

    The above books are converted and added in our Book Bank. Special thanks to Sathya for gave this books.

    Also got one more Rare novel from Mr. Udhayanan.

    Achutha Rangamma- Kovi Manisekaran

    Special thanks to him for his support.

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