Epigraphy program in Bangalore
  • Dear Friends,
    One of my FB acquaintance is ready to provide epigraphy classes to the
    interested ones. There will be no formal certificate etc after the course
    as she is not associated to any college or university, however I believe
    that certificate would not be a motivation for us to start on such courses
    Please let me know who all will be interested, classes will be in
    Bangalore, time and location can be decided once we have interested people
  • Dear Friend
    I will be thankful to you if you know some such good soul here in Chennai to take class!!!
  • dear friend,

    i'll be interested to register for a course in the web / skype, as i live in europe, & will come home on full retirement,

    please do reply me,

    thanks ,
  • Would love to attend, awaiting more info...

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