PS Audio Book release & Patti mandram : 14.06 Friday 6 pm- Naradha Gana Sabha
  • Brahma Gnana Sabha - 94444 44767 - invites :

    by Dr. Nalli Kuppuswamy Chetti : 6 pm ; 14.06 Friday -
    Satguru Gnanada Hall, naradha Gana Sabha, TTK Road, Ch 18.

    Smt. Seetha Ravi (Kalki Group) : Presiding
    Smt. Suhasini Manirathanam special Guest
    Sri. S. Ramakrishnan - special Guest (My India - Junior Vikadan fame)
    Director Bombay Kannan - Producer CK Venkatraman

    Special Patti mandram : Prof Dr. Va Ve Su

    Reason for Succss of PS :


    Dr. Tirupur Krishnan Advct Smt. Sumathi
    S. Satheesh kumar Sri. Maadhu
    Dr. T.S.Prema sri. Mohana Sundaram

    Vote of thanks : S. Ravichandran, Secretary / Brahma Gnana Sabha
  • I hope such a historic 'patti manRam' and associated speeches will be recorded and broadcast in suitable
    fashion for the benefit of many of us who are unable to attend in person. I sincerely request Sri Bombay Kannan to do the needful in this regard.

    I still regret that I could not hear the patti manRams and many of the fine speeches made during Kalki Centenary year.

    Toronto, Canada

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