Elephanta Caves - Mumbai
  • Dear Friends,

    Continuing with Mumbai, this article talks about the famous Elephanta Caves
    which is a world heritage site as well. This vast Hindu cave complex is
    shrouded in mystery over its foundation, dating and royal family who
    excavated these. There are theories from various scholars which are
    outlined in the article. Few salient features are:

    - who excavated these caves - Konkan Mauryas/Badami
    - When it was excavated - 520 CE/550 CE/6th century/8th century
    - Religious association - Pashupata/Lakulisha/normal Shaiva/Samarta
    - Trimurti sculpture - Mahadeva/Sadashiva/Hindu Triad

    Link - http://puratattva.in/2013/05/25/mumbai-elephanta-caves-2289.html

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