Mandapeshvar Caves - Mumbai
  • Hi Friends,

    Continuing cave shrines of Mumbai, Mandapeshvar is a Hindu cave complex
    dedicated to Shiva. There are two huge relief panels, one of Nataraja and
    one of Lakulisha. Lakulisha panel might be the first such huge relief
    depicting him with all major deities.

    These caves were under the Portuguese for a quite long time and hence
    suffered significant damage. At present also the area around these caves
    are in constant threat from the near by church as they claim it to be their

    During the Portuguese rule, various structures were constructed above the
    cave which are still in use as a college and a monastery. There is also a
    cemetery which they want to extend which will further put load above the
    cave ceiling. The case is under court between the church and ASI, as
    informed by an ASI member to me.

    Anyhow, these shrines, irrespective of their religious affiliations, are
    our heritage and we must protect these. Ironically the cemetery and
    monastery are also under ASI protection but just for namesake as these
    institutions are under the control of their religious leaders.

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