Muthusippi - New historical novel by Dr L Kailasam
  • Mydear brothers and sisters,

    I have to thank all of you forgiving uplift in my writing career by
    giving mass support to my Malarcholai Mangai,Mani Makudam and Kayal.

    By this great encouragement, I am able to write a newnovel and I am very
    happy to inform you that I have completed my new novelMuthusippi, which
    is likely to be in your hand within a period of a month.

    This new novel Muthusippirevolves round mainly Pandiyan history. Apart
    from this, the history of MaduraiNayakars, Chera history and Portuguese
    history were also discussed in thisnovel.

    The brief historical background of Muthusippi is given below:-

    Alagan Perumal ruledPandiyan kingdom upto 1500. After his regime,
    Agavarmar and Abiramar ruledpandian kingdom, which could be ascertained
    from copper plates.

    After Agavarnar, Pandian kindom was ruled byAgavaramar's son Seevallapa
    pandian. After Seevallapa pandian, the kingdom wasNOT ruled by
    Seeevallapa pandian's son.

    Instead the kingdom was ruled by SeevallaPandian's father's brother's
    sons. i.e. Agavarama's sons Kulasekara Pandian andNelveli Maran.

    While analyzing the above historythe following question could come into
    the mind:-

    � Whatis the necessity of giving the Kingdom by Abiramar to his
    brother Agavarmar,though he is having full right to rule the Kingdom?

    � Whythe customary practice of ruling the Kingdom by the son of the
    King was not adoptedin the case Seevallapa Pandian?

    � Whythe Kingdom was given by Seevalpa Pandiyan to the sons Abiramar
    instead ofgiving to his son?

    Answer to the abovequestions leads to historical novel Muthusippi. In
    this novel the culture offishermen i.e. sons and daughters of sea was
    elaborately discussed.

    Thecultural changes and the necessity of mass changes were also

    Thenovel is written in a simple language which could be easily
    understood by anybody.

    I request my brothersand sister and the members of the esteemed forum
    Ponniyinselvan to give fullsupport to the poor writer by reading

    If anybody is interested I amwilling to send some portions of the novel
    to their e mail of the honorable members.Please don't hesitate to ask
    me; definitely I will do the needful.

    Again I request mybrothers and sisters to give full support by reading
  • Dear Dr Kailasam,
    It is wonderful to hear about the new novel. I am sure it will as good as the earlier three novels. I have personal copies of all the three and I would certainly purchase this one too. It is heartening to see newTamilhistorical novel writers emerging and am sure this field has a great future ahead. Wishing you all the best.
    With Regards,


  • Dear Sir

    Congrats. Any of our group author completed any project?

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