Book Release - Ponniyin Selvan with Padmavasan's paintings by Sixth Sense
  • Those who collect Ponniyin Selvan with original paintings from Kalki
    magazine will love this news.

    Sixth Sense publishers will be releasing Ponniyin Selvan with Padmavasan's
    Original Paintings in Color on Pongal Day (14th Jan).

    Those members who are visiting book fair please visit Sixth Sense stall,
    take a snap of the books with few pictures inside and post it for all the
    group members.

    It is prized at Rs. 1200 for Book Stall but Original prize would be Rs.

    On how the announcement would look like, check this link
  • Thank you dear Thirumalai ! Great information once again!

  • Thanks for the info Thiru

    Padmavasan's drawings have a charm of their own.. Loved them in Kalki.

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