Ponniyin Selvan Family Tree - ENGLISH
  • Dear Friends,
    Thanks much for your words of encouragement on the Ponniyin Selvan Family Tree poster. As some of you requested, here is the English version...

    English version - Ponniyin Selvan Family Tree - English
    Tamil version - Ponniyin Selvan Family Tree
  • million of thanks
  • Dear Mani Sir :

    I have given a starcast for the film as far as possible.
    We can produce the film with the list of artists enclosed
    in the attachment ! What is your opinion ? We can use
    Ilaiyaraja for music with the consultation of Viswanathan
    Ramamoorthy. We can request Vairamuthu and Vaali to write
    the lyrics ! It is a wishful thinking ! I hope you will
    initiatethe film production !


  • Dear veegopalji,
    After seeing your list I got surprised, because I thought I was the one have a list of star cast for PS movie.
    Well, I do have a company now.
    I am sharing my selections too.
    Related characters are grouped together.


    aniruthar - delhi ganesh
    aazhvarkadiyan - karunas/mayilsaami

    periya pazhuvaetaraiyar - prakashraj
    sinna pazhuvaetraraiyar - nizhalgal ravi
    nandhini - ramya krishnan/nayanthara

    sundhara chozhar - sarathkumar/saratbabu/suraesh/karthik
    vanvan madaevi - rathika/seetha/raevathi/kushboo
    mandhakini - shobana
    trukoviloor malaiymaan - vijayakumar
    athitha chozhan - kiran
    kundhavi - sneha/anjali
    valavariyan vanthiyathevan - soorya/arya
    arulmozhi thevar - vikram/jeyam ravi
    vanathi - sandhiya/thrisha/baavana
    kodumbalur vaeln - pirabu/sathiyaraj

    poonguzhali - piriyamani/meera jasmin
    saenthan amuthan - sham
    his mother vani- sathyapriya/vadivukarasi
    madhuranthagan - abbas/vinay
    sembiyanmadaevi - kalairaani/k r vijaya/vijayakumari/manorama/lakshmi

    sambuvaraiyar - illavarsu/pandiyarajan
    sambuvaraiyar wife - saranya ponvannan
    manimaegalai - saranya mohan
    kandamaran - jeeva/shrikanth/santhaanam/sathyan(it can be a comedy role too)
    parhibathiran - shreeman/vishal

    butha piktshu - rajesh/baskar
    easana siva pattar - l suresh
    veera saiva paathathooli pattar - manobala
    kudanthai jothidar - vivaek

    poonguzhali's father thiyaga vidangar - manivannan
    poonguzhali's mother - any extra actor
    poonguzhali's brother murugaiyan - vaiyapuri
    his wife rakkamma - any extra actor

    veera paniyan - naasar/shindae/nepoleyan
    karuthiruman - anantharaj/rajeev
    ravidasan - pasupathi
    soman sammbavan - ponnambalam
    idumban kari - jeevan
    thevaraalan - Ajayrathnam
    raevathaasan - saekar
  • Good your imagination. but Vanthiya devan, raja raja chozhan and kundavai characters not matched sir.
    we can't say star cast sir
  • Arulmozhi Varmar - Prashanth-aa??? Ayyaho!

    Selladhu Selladhu ...

    ~ Udanx
  • Dear Thenmozhiji

    Excellent work ! Your list is almost similar to me ! However, I think we should
    take into accountthe age group and the age difference among the novel characters
    vis-a-vis age of the stars when you film it with these stars. However, there is
    a multimillion dollar question hanging - who is that lucky producer who is going
    to bring these stars to acceptthe roles we have proposed. I think had Kalki
    writtenthis in English and made some spadework in the 50s/60s this story would
    havecome also taken a place among like the mammoth Hollywood productions like
    Ten Commandments[1956], Benhur[1959]and Cleopatra [1963]. Of course, MGM, Universal
    and Paramount would have vied with each to make PS into a movie ! Alas, neither
    Kalki is lucky nor the fans !


  • Surya can be chosen but he lacks height. Vijay doesn't come in the picture
    at all ! Ajith has the personality but nativity will be missing as he is too
    fair ! For Kundhavai, Sneha wins as she has height, physique and the required
    demeanour. Further she also wins in nativity!

  • Prasanth is the only fair person with pious look with the princely look and well-trained
    man in all fields of fighting techniques and the perfect person matching the description
    of Kalki in PS unlike his contemporaries. Nowadays Vikramis having ageing looks and he
    is lagging behind in the race for Arulmozhivarman's role. He might match Sneha well in
    theVanthiyadevan-Kunthavai pair. Further, the advantage of speaking good Tamil is there
    for both !

  • Since everyone shows their interest in placing their casting... i am also placing my choice..It keep on changing due totiming...

    I read PS duing my college days (1989-90 to 1991-92) At that time...the faces are different...now it different.

    At present my casting is given below. I have given the reason for chosing the particular artist for the particular character of PS:

    Please give your comment:
    > ---------------------------------------------------------- My casting Reason why I chose this person
    > 1] Sundara Chozhan Prabhu Father of the title character, Emperor, in flashback…war and romantic scence to be performed. Therefore, Prabhu is suitable and…personally he is the son of the KING…People will certainly accept as emperor!!! Also described by Kali as an handsome person so the name "sundaran" is given. Prabu....will be an handsome at the same time aged, matured...person to handle the character
    > 2] Vaanavanmaadev Suganya Vital Character and have scope to speak by face itself…Suganya can perform better
    > 3] Aniruththar Sivakumar/Visu/Y G Mahendran This character is most respected in the story. It requrie the ability to check the pulse of other character and to maintain emtionless even aware of many secrets of the political affaris…Sivakumar is soft, matured, kind but at the same time…strict, disciplined...in flashback can able to act as youth.
    > 4] Periya Pazhuvettarayar Sathyaraj/Nazer This is a terrific character !!! Not a full vilian…! Buy seeing the person himself…we need to feel the terror and braveness of the character…the hero vandiyadevan and his friends once admire to take him as role model…and in the climax…he tells kundavai..that the Chola Kingdom needs good Warriers to suceed its gloary and this is the Character which saves "Vandiyadevan" from capital punishment of alegation of killing Adhitya Karikalan.
    > 5] Chinna Pazhuvettarayar Anandraj Equally terror…but loyal to brother to his brother…Not a vilian…but a very strict person…father of a girl…and in climax should fight with Madhuranthagan….!...Anantharaj can create an impact.. He is strong and heavily build…can fight…looks likes a father…good face expression..
    > 6] Aditha Karikalan Ariya/prithiviraj The character requires some heroic look and at the climax at Kadambur…no one dare to face his anger… and the person should be able to bring the impact among the audience when he cut the head of Pandiya king and…also should do some romance with nanthi…
    > 7] Arulmozhi Varman Ajith/Surya Basically….a mass appeal is required if we film PS….At the present trend…who else will give the mass other than Ajith…My first choice..Second choice…Surya…!
    > 8] Kunthavai - Sneha Anushka Kunthavai Nachiyar…is MANNAN MAGAL… A GREAT LADY LIVIED IN OUR HISTORY…Look at various still of Anushka…a tall and charming figure…Raja Gambiram ….Its Anushka to do the Character at the present trend.
    > 9] Vanthiya Devan Vijay Dear Friends…all our dream lies in this Character.. The entire dream of making PS as a cinema lies on this character. If this fails…entire project fails…This character needs lot of heroism. If some one performing this role..people should believe him that he is capable of doing what he is doing - Fight, romance, comedy, loyal, help, sad feeling etc. No can deny that Vijay rules the present tamil cinema irrespective of some continuous flops...and kuthu pattu...I hope all of you will relize Vijay is a brilliant performer if he gave himself to a GOOD DIRECTOR!!!. Let us hope PS will be directed by an able director and Vijay surrende himself to that director and the rest is the best possible outcome of PS in film...bust succeess for all our dreams. Vijay and Ajith Combination is the utilimate requirement for making PS in film...Never mind the budget...!
    > 10] Vaanathi Trisha Cute and charming girl..I chose her for kunthavai character…but after seeing Anushka…Anushka will be a better choice….
    > 11] Senthan Amuthan Jayam Ravi Good and honest character and lette should take the crown…Audience should accept the person as a KING….So Jayam Ravi is required in this character.
    > 12] Azhwarkadiyan Simbu It is not only a comic character. He has to come along with the entire story…Should watch the conspiracy of the Ravidasan etc at Pallipadai at night…some fight scence is also there..some comic scene…charming face…and NO secret will go out of him…( a "SPY"!!! - who knows) and should sign some devotional songs. This character is all most equal to Vanthiyadeven and Arulmozhivermar character. In the first volume (Arulmozhi will come in second volume only)..vanthiyadevan and Azhwaradiyan only dominate the story.....So the persom who perfom the character should not only a comic artits in tamil film industry. Simbu I hope he will accept.
    > 13] Poonguzhali Shruthi Hassan A very rude character and required the braveness to drive the boat in deep sea…Kamal Daughter will suit perfectly to this character and later to be crowned as QUEEN….So the mass background is required.
    > 14] Nandhini Vidya Balan Wow…what a character Kalki potrays….(Sivakami and Nanthini are rare characters can be created by Kalki alone)…Reades please do not mistake this character is a Villi or bad girl.. Think about vidya Balan,,,,combination of beauty and talent……
    > 15] Kudanthai Jothidar Madan POP
    > 16] Kandhamaran Any TV Artist
    > 17] Mandakini [Oomai Rani] Vidya Balan (Double role)
    > 18] Maduranthagan Miland Soman
    > 19] Parthibendra Pallavan Any TV Artist Should looks soft but a vilan. Shoud fight at the climax
    > 20] Malayaman Radharavi
    > 21] Manimegalai pending Very innocent character and win the hearts of the reader at climax…right now..i have no choice..i am searching….
    > 22] Sambuvarayar Balasingam…or any others
    > 23] Poothi Vikramakesri Any one
    > 24] Vani Ammai Any one
    > 25] Eesanya Bhattar Any one
    > II] OTHERS:
    > ---------------------
    > 1] Pandya King Veerapandiyan Riysh Khan
    > 2] Pandya Prince [Child] Anyone
    > 3] Revadesa Kramavithan Any one
    > 4] Ravidasan Parthiban This is a negative character…but a loyal character for another kingdom..He is doing his duty. Yes …some one of good calibe should perform the role. Parthiban is a good artis…I hope he willnever mind the negative appearance of the character..It is a character of much importance and scope...so our Parthiban will accept and perform this character.
    > 5] Karuthiruman Any one
    > 6] Idumban Kari Any one
    > 7] Devaralan Any one
    > 8] Soman Sambhavan Any one
    > 9] Thyaga Vidangar Any one
    > 10] Murgaiyan Any one
    > 11] Rakkammal Any one
    > 12] Budhdhist Monks in Sri Lanka Any one
    1] Vijayalayan Nepoleon
    > 2] Adithyan Anyone
    > 3] Paranthagan Rajkiran
    > 4] Arinjayan Anyone
    > 5] Rajadithyan Suresh Gopi.. This is a very brave character in real history
    > 6] Kandarathithyan At present no choice. The person should creat an impact of a good Siva dovotee…!!!

    Arul Ganesh
  • Azhwarkadiyan sasikumar

    Aditha Karikalan simbu
  • thanku that is very good
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  • Dear Members

    Have you seen the animated Ramayana released by Indo japanese joint project.

    We can have animated work. Like Kochchadayan, Rajini will be AK, Kamal will be Vandhiyathevan, Great Legend Sivaji as Sundara Cholar and Sridhevi as Kundavai and Puratchi Thalaivar as Arulmozhi.
  • Dear Mani Gunasekaran,
    This one looks looks pretty neat, great, thanks.
  • Dear Loganathan,
    While Vijay as Vandhiyath Thaevan and Ajith as Arulmozhi varman (not sure they will accept to appear together in a movie hereafter), even if they do, Vijay need to be defeated twice in fencing against Ajith (in Elangai).  You are inviting trouble here ; their fans will fight on the streets after seeing it.
    I had a doubt that this is the reason MGR's attempt also failed previously. His fans cannot digest MGR losing in fight against Gemini Ganesh.  History shows that MGR with Sivaji in Konndukkili movie resulted in some unpleasant outcomes.
  • Dear VG and ThemozhiIf you go into the archives you will find varios choices over the years including hollywood charectors....Sorry just catching up with the mails after a busy new yearSri

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