Which Chola Temples in Chennai has Nrtta mandapa (Dancing Pavilion) ?
  • Dear all,

    I am a dance student seeking for a temple in chennai that was built by Chola empire. My purpose is, those temples will have a dancing pavilion (Nrtta Mandapa in Sanskrit).
    Can you suggest a few temples in chennai? It will be a great help for me complete my assignment.�
    If you have phone numbers of such sthalas, please share with me.�
  • Dear sumi,You please contact anusha venkatesh regarding this issue. In an Interview in Vijay TV about one year back he informed that there are about ten temples in and around chennai where rajaraja chola thevar name was written. He could provide very useuful and authentatic information. Another person who is well aware in this area is Vijay. He will also give interesting information to you.
    YoursDr L KailasamAuthor of Muthu sippi, Malar Cholai Mangai, Kayal 
  • Dear sumi,

    Thenupureswarar-Madambakkam by sundara chola. Adhipureswarar-Thiruvotriyur by Rajendra chola.
    Thirvalleswarar -Padi by RajarajaII.

    Please confirm with temple officers before procedding. My best perference is chidambaram temple there you find all108 karanas in amman shrine.
  • Dear Sir,

    Thanks for mentioning those temples. I will check for nrtta mandapas.
  • Dear Freind

    Padi is by sembianmadevi ( Uthama Chola)
  • Hi all, Padi temple not built by sembianmadevi. It was by Rajaraja III.Infact i also typed mistakely before i posted the mail.sembianmadevi last temple is thiruvakkarai on 1001 AD.
  • Padi Tiruvalleswarar? Its a Gajaprista Vimana n Padal petra sthalam (
    sambandar) .

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore

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