Single most heroic and spectacular episode in PS
  • Dear All,
    The time has come to do a test. Earlier I explained here that this great Novel can't be approached as a regular feature film project. The next step is to select a small episode and develop it visually. So, can friends here point ONE single most Heroic and Spectacular episode in the entire novel please. Obviously it can be any branch story Amarar Kalki regularly leans out . I'd earlier decided to take Arulmozhi Varmar slipping into Ponni river when he was 5 years old and been rescued by Kaveri Annai, which got our title, Ponniyin Selvan, but a sharp mind pointed out a Heroic Episode has more visual value since this will be used as a pitch too.
    Kindly let me know your views.
  • Dear all,
    In-continuation I'd like to do a 200 seconds 3d Animation, what we call as Previz, of a episode from Ponniyin Selvan.

    What is the most Heroic and Spectacular Episode of Ponniyin Selvan.

    For me, when Vijayalaya Chola, without his two legs, fought the war to capture Thanjavur, thus starting the reign of Chola Kings again.

    Please let me know each one's view of "What would be the most Heroic and Spectacular Episode of Ponniyin Selvan".

  • Sir,

    The scene of introducing AVM will be a visual spectacle...VD waiting under
    a tree with alwarkadiyan in Lanka, when he sees three horses coming at
    great speed...they don't stop and VD pushes one soldier and mounts the
    running horse and chases AVM and alwarkadiyan...the horse chase will be a
    visual treat....

    Other scene is VD fighting with the Arabs in the ship along with ravidasan
    and his aide.
  • Sequences of Assassination of Aditha Karikalan will be a challenge to any director who is going to
    make this movie ! Try this ! OR you can try the Personal Meeting of Vanthiya Devan and Kunthavai
    on the banks of Arisilaaru behind the palace of Kunthavai ! It is equally important for a Director
    to showcase both Love and Assassination in the right perspective !

  • Dear Sir,

    The sword fight between Vandhiyathevan and Aruzhmozhi varmar at Ilangai is one of the best scenes I ever admired. The confusion in Vandhiyathevan's heart, then his transformation as a warrior, then the entry of Poonguzhali and atlast, PS utilising the winning moment of distraction of his opponent... Really a fantastic picturization in words. 
  • Sir,

    My choice:

    Vandhiyathevan jumping into the sea (after the fight with arabic traders when he returns from ezha thevu)...heavy cyclone will get formed and one lighting fall on the flag of his ship and the ship got fire. of course Arulmozhivarmer is alo in the sea at that time. He jumps into sea (he does not know how to swim!!) on seeing Arulmozhivarmer.

    Please try this scene.

    Kamal Hassan, in an interview to Kalki magazine has said ( some 20 years back) particularly this scene is difficult to shoot.The interview titled - "ponniyen selvan..kamalin Kanavukal" still I remember this interview.

    with regards

    S. Arul Ganesh

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