Ponniyin Selvan Audio Movie - Need Snippets from Aari Perukku to coronation of Uttama Chozhan
  • Dear All,

    You may all remember that we are making Ponniyin Selvan as an Audio Movie.
    We are planning to have snippets based on the timeline of the novel. As we
    all know Ponniyin Selvan's timeline starts with Aadi Perukku. We would like
    to do a day by day event chart right from Aadi Perukku to the coronation of
    Uttama Chozhan. It would be of great help if someone could help us with a
    detailed day to day events chart starting from Aadi Perukku till the end of
    the story.

    With best regards,
    B Balaji
    +91 9940288001
  • Good thinking

    It is possible to implement this thru microsoft office project software.

    We can start with aadi perukku as a logical day.1 and built forward eith
    dependencies and list of characters.

    Once we reverse from thiyaga sigaram event, all other dates will fall in
    place. You can also put different line_items for action in different
    locations in same day.

    If we do this , we will end up with a complete plan with full.list of
    characters and places.

    If the veterans feel this is viable, lets do a small pilot for two
    chapters from our core team of PMI /prince2 specialists.

    Sivasankar Babu
    + 91 98400 68123
    Swyped from Galaxy S2
  • Dear Mr.Babu,
    Thanks for the reply...If somebody can take this task and do it for us we
    would be grateful.

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