French Govt awards the Cheavlier to a Sanskrit Scholar
  • Highest Civilian award by French Govt given to an Indian

    Shri NS Ramanuja Thathachary (NSR Swamy) is awarded for his Immense
    Contribution to Sanskrit.He was awarded for his lucid commentary on the
    great Shabda BodhaMimamsa- Sanskrit Work

    NSR Swami 84, hails from Navalpakkam, a village near Vandavasi,
    Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu

    He has been conferred with the greatest award “Chevalier” from French
    Govt. He is the fourth Indian to be conferred with this award. Dr. C.V.
    Raman, Dr. M.S. Subhalakshmi and Dr. Sivaji Ganesan were awarded this title.
    Now He has been declared to receive this honour from the French Govt for
    his contributions to Sanskrit Literature.
    Swami is expert in Advaitham, Visishtadwaitam and Dwaitam. Swami was the
    first Vice Chancellor of Rashtriya Samskrita Vidyapeeth, Tirupathi and
    currently emeritus Prof. in the French Institute of Indology, Pondicherry
    which is managed by Paris University, France.

    He is one of the rarest Sanskrit Scholar to have written commentaries to
    all the 3 schools of Theology, Dwaitham, Advaitham & Vishistadvaitham

    Navalpakkam Sri Ramanuja Tatacharya (DOB April 16, 1928) is one of the
    senior authorities in the fields of Nyaya, Vyakarana, Mimamsa and
    Vedanta. He hails from a very respectable family belonging to the village
    of Navalpakkam in North Arcot District, Tamil Nadu renowned for its
    pursuit of studies in the Vedas and the Sastras and for devoted practice of
    their teachings. Being the illustrious son of an illustrious father, the
    Krishnasvami Tatacharya, a doyen of Sanskrit learning, his study began
    under him and continued at Sri Venkateswara Oriental College in Tirupati,
    College in Sriperumbudur, and Devanatha Tatacharya Swami and University of
    Madras. By the age of 16 he became a full-fledged Naiyayika after which he
    attained proficiency in Vyakarana, Mimamsa and Vedanta effortlessly.

    Tatacharya’s works can be classified under four heads: critical editions,
    commentaries, independent works, and research papers. His critical editions
    are: Tattvachintamani of Gangaesa with the commentary Prakasa of
    Rucidattamisra, and the two commentaries Nyayasikhamani of Ramakrishnananda
    and Tarkachudamani of Dharmarajadhvarindra on Prakasa. Jnapakasangraha of
    Nagesa is another significant critical edition. Among his commentaries are
    Balabodhini which is on the Panchalakshana Gadadhari, Vivarana, which is a
    commentary on the Vyadhikarana Gadadhari, Bhavabodhini on the Pakshata
    Gadadhari, Bhavadipika on the Avayava Gadadhari, Balapriya, a commentary on
    the Prakasika of Nilakantha on the Tarkasangraha Dipika of Annambhatta,
    Rajivollasa on the Dinakari on the Siddhanta Muktavali, Vivrti, a
    commentary on the text of Vyakarana entitled Jnapakasangraha of Nagesa,
    Bhagavadgunaratnapetika, which is a commentary on the
    Gopalasahasranamastotra, and Tatparyaprakasika, a lucid commentary on the
    Satadushani of Vedanta Desika. His independent works are Pratyaksha-
    tattva- cintamani- vimarsa, Jnapakasangraha- parisishta, and
    Sabdabodhamimamsa. As honorary professor at the French Institute of
    Pondicherry he completed the project “An enquiry into Indian theories of
    verbal cognition” which was published in four volumes. His research papers
    are too many to be enumerated.

    He wrote a commentary in felicitous Sanskrit on the Panchalakshnana
    Gadadhari, Kanchi Periyavaal Senior Sage of Kanchi in 1981 when he was
    camping at Satara, after going through NSR Swamy work, Sage of Kanchi
    told “I am keeping my life long solely with the desire to see the
    commentaries of Tatacharya on the texts of Gadhadhari. If NSR Swami does
    not interpret these texts through his commentaries, they would, in course
    of time, cease to have anything but a matter of historical interest.” As
    graciously directed by him Tatacharya wrote commentaries on the Gadhadhari
    on the Vyadhikarana, Pakshata and Avayava.

    In recognition of his scholarship the President of India conferred the
    Certificate of Honour for Proficiency in Sanskrit on him and many religious
    institutions have honoured him with awards.

    His simple living, high thinking and austere habits have won the admiration
    of scholars. I would like to offer my most respectful salutations to my
    revered Guru on the occasion through these columns.

    To his credit Swami has been the recipient of many prestigious awards for
    his contributions to Sanskrit Literature mainly President Award for
    excellence in Sanskrit literature, Sri Vani Dalmia Alankar Award (first
    recipient), Mahamahopadyaya etc. All pitadhipathis of India have honoured
    NSR Swami.

    As a jewel to his crown, the French Govt has announced the award of
    Chevalier to Swami for his contributions to Sanskrit Literate

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