Can we meet ? Beach ?
  • Dear and Respectful SPS and my dear friends,

    We have met very long back. About year back I hope.

    Every body is having the same feeling to meet again near kannaki silai as usual.

    It is pleasant to every body to share the ideas with the interested person in the sea shore in a pleasant breeze.

    I propose to have beach meeting to discuss various issues and share our ideas.
    Our Vijay having Chola Heritage program at Kovai. I hope he may touch chennai and then go to kovai or other way. If his program is linked with the proposed beach program, it is possible to meet him.

    I request SPS and other respectful leaders to arrange a meeting at the earliest so that we could show the world how history helps to improve our life.

    Always Yours
    Dr L Laxman Kailasam
  • Dear Kaiasam Sir,

    a meet is overdue.

    But for next couple of weeks i am so much tied up.

    Pls go ahead and organise yourself.

    will try to join last minute if possible.

    Also pls include in discussion -
    whether PS Group / forum can take shape
    in FACEBOOK (smilar ones) etc.,

    Our most respected Venkat has been toying with this idea
    for quite some time now.

    rgds/ sps
  • Dear
    Without you nothing could be moved dear. We will wait till your arrival

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