Books written by Dr L. Kailasam
  • Dear,
    Let me introduce myself.
    I am historical novel writer and I have written five books so far. For any writer a word of appreciation will motivate him to do his job more perfectly. I am also no exception.
    I am listing my five novels and brief of the novels for your kind reading for your valuable remarks
    Malar Cholai Mangai: It is prequel to the Ponniyin Selvan. All the characters in the Ponniyin selvan appear in this novel at their young age. It tells why Aditya karikalan murdered by Pandiya aapaththuthavikal. The novel ends where Ponniyin Selvan starts. (i.e. Why Vandyadevan came to Kadambur?) Excellent Story
    (Rs 335- Pages 878)
    Kayal: This story revolves rounds the pandian history of seven hundred years back. The disputes between the sons of the Kulsekara pandian were dramatically written in the story- Highly electrifying story.
    (Rs 70 – Pages 168)
    Mani Makudam: This story is based on the life of the Kulasekara Alwar. A great King become a saint and served the society. This story tells how the Reforms happened in his life. This story goes around many Vaishnavishts temple including Sriranam, Thirupathi . Very interesting story.
    (Rs 350 – Pages 728)
    Nanri Steev: It is translation of the book "Thank you Steve, written by my son Mani. Ka. It is the life sketch of Steev Jobs .
    (Rs 50 – Pages 70)
    Suthanthira Sudarkal: It is the consolidation of essays written in Kalaimagal, which is mainly written for school going children. However elders can also read. It tells how our independence leaders sacrificed their life in getting freedom. Necessarily the book should be available in the Homes of Indians. Historical Encyclopedia of Independence leaders written in very lucid manner.
    (Rs 70 – Pages 192)
    All the five novels are published by Vanathi Publications, 23 Theyagaraya Nagar Chennai (Near T. Nagar Post Office – Phone No 044 24342810.
    The books are also available in the following web sites i.e., and The link is given below.எல்-கைலாசம்/author/534/ cholai mangai (ponniyin selvanukku mun)&page=products&id=9302

    I request you to get the books, if you have not read so far and also send your valuable remarks to me after reading
    If you feel inconvenient, you may please ignore this message.

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