Michelangelo’s David Vs Nellaiappar Karna - part 1
  • Thanks Vijay for the post. The Nellai bus stand book shops are treasure troves. I have picked up a few very good tamil works which was helpful in my ramayanam
  • Great Post Vijay Sir.I have seen the sculptures of Nellaiappar Temple but never in so detailas you have put it.If the artisan has put his best to give Karna a new life in that sculpture,you have lived that artisan to get to know how he wanted us to feel when wesee that sculpture.We need articles like yours to be put along side with the sculptures so thatpeople know to appreciate the value of what they have.If a title called Sirpa Kala Rasigan can be given to anyone then Vijay is foremost amongthem.When we have artisans who can give a competition to Michelangelo and others of the west,how bad is that we dont recognise their value.
  • After a long time, got a chance to read Poetry in stone...

    Wonderful work Vijay...really spellbound at the comparisons you make and
    the details you get into..really envy you.. :)
  • eagerly waiting for part-II....

  • Great post Vijay
    I relived the experience of seeing David in Italy in your post Thank you and the greatness of the sculpture in Nellai was amazing
  • You can see similar works in Avudayarkoil, Pudukkottai district. Maybe both are of the same
    school or the same person/s. I think in Kalayarkoil too.

  • thanks everyone. All praise for our great Artists

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