where I can get the book nandhipurathu nayagi
  • Hi friends,

    can any one tell me where I can get the book "nandhipurathu nayagi" written by vikraman......
    I am very much interested in reading the stories of chola dynasty.....
  • Dear

    If you stay at Chennai, or plan to come to Chennai within short period please get the book from the author i.e. Vikraman at his residence himself who will sign and give the book to you. It is very good pleasure to get the book from author himself,  after having small discussion.
    The book is published by  yaalini publications. The price of the book is around Rs 400 and having more than 1200 pages. 

    If you are away from chennai, the book is available at chennaisopping. com. Please follow the link


    Regarding historical novels our great Sundar  Krishnan is expert You will get lot of information from him.

    You may please have look at Our great Anusha Venkatesh Kaveri Mainthan and my book Malarcholai Mangai too which are sequel and prequel to Ponniyin Selvan
  • Thankyou very much Dr.Laxmanan kailasam.......
  • You can contact Vaanathi pathippagam. I think originally they published it.
    I think they havea retail shop in Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar, Chennai.  It is really
    a fantastic book by Vikraman like PS !

  • On a different note: I really dont know why our historic novel writers are forced to rush the last volume or the last several chapters. Many times it looks like they are going to end the novel as if they are afraid of the book getting bigger. Can't they run at the same phase?

    Does any of you feel the same way?
  • Hi

    It is true. The reason is not only the big volume. The other factors are:

    Publishure pressure to release the novel for their marketing example book exhibition time etc


    Proof reading and other related work if the volume is very big.

    In fact Mr. Anusha/Kailasam faced this in this recent book exhibition time. I know this pain very well.

    Hence the release of Senkathir Malai of Vishvak shifted to this month mid.

    In fact I was waiting for Vishvak to announce his book release. Vishvak sir... Pl announce it sir. Suspense is over now.

    Next two new Historical novels from Singapore - SakthiSri and Kalyani Maniyam.

    Kalyani Maniyam already published her novel "NEEL THUYIL" chera kingdom based story which was very very good. I got this novel last month and request sakthi to help her another novel. Hope these two novels too published from Vanathi.

    I will update my new puchase / collection list in the next msg.
  • Wow!! two more historic novelists here?? A great place to meet experts for a newbie like me.
    BTW I am in the middle of my first historic novel. I wish I get all the support i can from here.
  • Dear Sundar and Members

    It is our Sundar Krishnan who is having the full rights for my novel Sengathirmalai and he has to announce it.

    Because, about a year ago when I was in distress and in long silence, he just came in, wake me up, reminded me that Writing is the air I breath in, and asked for a new novel for him. I began writing again and that was Sengathirmalai. In each and every step of it he encouraged and after finishing it, eventhough I knew Vanathi for years, he only went to Vanathi and asked to publish it soon.

    Mukilan, an old friend and writer, accommodated me in his home and showed Mannarkoil Temple and inscriptions.

    So, all the efforts were taken by Sundar and Mukilan, the writing part of it only belongs to me.

    So, Dear Sundar brother, announce it.
  • Dear,

    The name is wonderful. Senkathirmaalai.
    Sivappu kathirkalai veesum maali.
    Dear Viswak any significance of this name.
  • Dear Dr.Kailasam sir and members

    The Rathinaharam is the Base of the story. It is happend in the chola period. Each and every chapter is wonderfully written by the great vishwak sir.

    Book will be available in the end of March 2012.

    Again I am only a Historical novel reader / Lover. Because of various problems in the publicashions I am involving as a middleman between authors and publishers. My friendship between authors I can say as a brother I am doing this.

    With the publishers .... pure selfishness to get the book and again to read it....

    Rest the full credit goes to the authors only.........

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