Tiruppavai - Andal Pasuram - Pradeep C's short interview - itsdiff radio
  • Makkale - vanakkam  (advanced pongal vaazhthukkal)
    Click for the recorded radio interview - http://www.acidplanet.com/casts/0/0/30/3068-607.mp3
    Pradeep C (author of Thanjavur - cultural history) shared some nice highlights about Tiruppavai + Andal on itsdiff weekly tamizh radio show hosted by me on stanford radio.

    Very interestingly he shares the period of existence / Date Andal lived - and research scholars indicate, that 1 and 13th paasuram kind of indicates that. He also shared the food items like pongal, akkaravadisil, sakkarapongal etc.,

    Nandri Pradeep

    Sri Sri

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