Chennai Book Fair 2012 - Vanathi Publication Book Release
  • Dear

    My book Manimakudam (Life sketeches of Kulasekara alwar) and Anusha book Kanchi Tharagai (Sequel to Sivakamiyin Sabatham) both were releaed by Vanathi pathipagam.

    Our members muruganatham, pavithra, Sundar Ji and others participated in the function.

    Respectable SirpEsan relesed the books. All the historical books were received by our respectable Prof Sadagopan, S/o Sandilyan.

    The great writers Sivasankari, Bakkiam ramasay were present and delivered wonderful lectures.

    Amudah bharathi co-ordinated the function.
  • Hello,

    Congratulations to Venkatesh, and Dr Kailasam on their new releases. It was
    great meeting you. Congrats to Muruganantham too, who is a book-fiend of
    sorts :) Also, Mr Sundar Krishnan who is rapidly acquiring a legendary

    May this year be great for all us history-lovers.
  • Hi Pavithra
    and i request all writers with proposed books to start early this year
    . the que at the end of the year is frustratingly long and thats why many books that sundarkrishnan listed out in earlier mails didnt come out
  • hi venkat

    It would be great if you could share your tips on how to set about...i mean
    from concept, script - to then preparing the manuscript for approval,
    synopsis etc
  • Hi
    fist they ask for 2 chapters and the general synopsis


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