sound sculpture- Music pillairs in Tamil Nadu
  • Dear,
    The musicial pillars in temple is much attracted by all who is visiting the temple.

    In particular Nelliappar koil in tirunelveli or madurai meenakshi amman temple these pillars are much attracted.

    In my child hood my father shows these pillars and also demonstrted how it works. As a child i am able to understand the differnet sound it makes.

    It is really marvalous to make such pillars in a single stone to get different sound as equivalent to light which could be splitted into seven colours.

    However, in the new temples constructed no such pillars found. Whether such excellent sathpathis exists today to make such pillars today.

    Vijay you may have excellent idea in this regard. My intention is to know how it is possible to make such pillars?

    why no body is making today?

    Is there any professional secret in making such pillairs.

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