• Who is this Kochadayan ?

    His name is now a sensation due to the film in his name by Super Star Rajnikanth.Also Gauthama Nilambaran is writing a Historical novel in Kumudam.He is portrayed as a Pandyan King ?Any other info ?
  • I dont know about this King but many Pandya Kings were called as Chadayan ( a name of siva) as Maran Chadayan, Chadayan Maran. etc and their sanskit version was Jadila Parantagan.

    One Kocahadayan Ranadheeran ruled between 700 -730, who was the son of Nindraseer Nedumaran alias Koon Pandiyan of Sambandar Fame.

    refer Dr Nagaswamy sir's article

    In Madurai still there is a place by name Kochadai.
  • Dear Moderators,
    The following information relating to Kochadayan Ranatheran published in Kalaimagal- Feb 2012 are given, in response to the querry raised by Karthik and not of my own
    If moderator permits i am willing to share the entire article for the benefit of our history interested group.
  • There is a Kochadayan Cholan King who has been praised by Thirumangai
    Azhwar in his Periya Thirumozhi. Looks like he built the temple at Nachiar
    Kovil - Thirunaraiyur near Kumbakonam.

    Not sure whether he is the one we are referring.
  • No Dear,
     Kochadayan Ranadheran is a pandya king and belongs to kadungon vamsavazi. The family tree is like this.
    Avanai Sulamani ---
    Cheiyan vendan ---
    Arikesari -- 
    Kochadayan Ranadheran
    Kochadayan has one son and one daughter
  • That was Koch Chenganan. The one who built Mada temples for sivan.

    " en thol eesarkku ezhupadu madam sei" koch chenganan
  • Dear Dr. Kailasam,
    I am a Tamilian living in Surat,Gujarat. I have migrated and settled here. I am an ardent follower of Kalki's writing, and particularly in Ponniyin Selvan, I still do not get a clue, who murdered "Adhiththa karikalan" ? Can you pls. throw some light. Also, where can I get your books Mani Makudam, Malarcholai Mangai, which i am told deals with Chozha dynasty.Kindly acknowledge.
    with best regards,

    Ramesh Subrahmaniam
  • Dear,
    You have raised very interesting question.

    However this issue was already discussed in our ponniyin selvan group. You may refer old messages in this regard.

    The murder of aditya is highly mistry and it is not possible to identify exactly who has done it.

    Even Kalki has also left as it is and does not identify person who has done this.

    It is clear political Murder. Many including ur Great VT was also under suspicion.

    In my personnel opinion, it may be one of the Pandian Aapathu udavikal.
    Our great Rajarajan completed the murder investigation after ten years and took all wealth of Aapathu udavikal and they were also sent out from Chola Kingdom, after seeing the letter from Nandini. They were not given capital punishment. This leads to the suspicion on Rajarajan too.

    My good friend and our great Anusha Venkatesh made a detailed review on this issue and identify the person who killed Adithya in his Kaveri Mainthan which is prequel to PS.

    In Malarcholai Mangai i try to tell the reason for this venjan.

    'Mani Makudam' is very interesting historical novel telling the entire life sketch of the great Kulaseakar Alwar, Chera King who married Pandya Ilavarasi, who subsequently became great vainshana saint.

    'Mani Makudam' tells how and why such major reforms happened in the life of Kulasekara Alwar.

    In Mani Makudam historical facts are mixed with interesting incidences in a very lucid language.

    Regarding the availability of books, all books you refered i.e. Mani Makudam, Malarcholai Mangai and Kaveri Mainthan are available at Vanathi publications, Chennai.

    Dear when you are coming to chennai? Near future? If you are having any plan, you may get the books when you are coming to chennai.

    Since you are in Gujarat, it is possible to get both books by writing to vanathi or through udumali.com. I am giving the link below.

    http://udumalai.com/index.php?prd=malarch cholai mangai (ponniyin%20selvanukku%20mun)&page=products&id=9302


    http://udumalai.com/?name=Anusha Venkatesh&auth_id=7

    I am willing to do any help in this regard.

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