[ponniyinselvanvaralaatruperavai] மணி மகà¯�டமà¯� - டாகà¯�டரà¯� எலà¯�. à
  • Thank you sundar,

    You gave excellent suggestions. I try to follow it.

    However how to attach a file along with the message in the way you have suggested?.

    Another problem is same person is member of several groups? How to send only one mail to him? This is really my problem.

    Our great friend vijay is member of several forums where i am also interested. He is cost accountant, ponniyin selvan, ponniyin selvan varalarru peravai etc.

    If I send mail to each group, every time he is also receiving the same message. that is irriate him.

    If i dont send the message to a particular group for the sake of vijay other members loose the information.
    Learned Sundar Gi please find the wayin such a way that our great vijay should get only one message even though i send the message to several forums where he is a member.

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