PS is now published vy Vikatan
  • Dear All,
    Vikatan group is now publishing PS.....
    The thing is, it is now published with the original color pictures of Maniyam.

    Introductory priced of Rs. 999/-
    The website says, "never before".
    Good luck & rush to own a copy of PS in original print.
  • Don't have to send DD if there are issues, you can order online using
    Debit/Credit Card/Netbanking & Paypal to either ship it or pick up.
  • Thanks Thriu.

    The site states, the offer is only till Jan 31st. So, in book fair, can
    we get 10% discount on Rs.999?
    Can someone confirm please?
  • Ananda Vikatan has not mentioned about discount in any book fair in

    their ad so far. May be on popular demand, there is a possibility !

  • Dear Friend
    In their advt, they have clearly mentioned as book cost Rs.1350/- and only for pre- publishing offer their price is Rs.999/- and given time to book, is up-to Dec 31st.
    ( I also wonder about extended time limit offered through their online booking website). Hope, AV, clarify about this.

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