Rama's promise to live on fruits and roots
  • स ष्ट्चाअष्टौ च वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने |
    आसेवमानो वन्यानि फलमूलैश्च चर्तयन् || २-२०-३१

    saH= such of myself;aasevamaanaH= has to satisfy vanyaani = with things existing in the forest;vartayam= live phala nuulai = with roots and fruits vatsyaami = reside in vijane vane = forest;of people shaTcha= ashhToucha = for fourteen varshhaaNi = years."I have to satisfy with the things existing in the forest and subsist with roots and fruits in a solitary forest for fourteen years."
  • Dear Members.

    It is known that Raman was sent to forest for 14 years. But why he choose South India (south to Vindyamalai). Any particular reason mentioned in ramayanam?

    Please reply.

    S. Arul Ganesh
  • The sages advised him about Panchavati as a peacefull place and hence he went there.

    It was really peaceful till soorpanaga came
  • I think If you are not sighted for more than 13 years you are legally a
    dead person. Sri Rama sacrificed his throne to fulfil the boons of
    Kaikeyi, to live unseen for 14 years in dense forests of Vindhyas &
    South India and enable Bharatato claim the throne ! The forest cover
    in UP and other nearby areas were not dense I believe !

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