Y Ambedkar Converted to Buddhism - 1 [1 Attachment]
  • We have seen what the Buddhists are doing in Sri Lanka.Mahatm Gandhiji said that "It is an act of mercy by Ambedkar thathe does not break our heads."The tyrany of Caste Hindus on Dalits is enormous.But there have been reformers who have battled this curse bravely and broughtout the best of Hinduism.It would have been better had Ambedkar joined Arya Samaj,Swami Dayananda Saraswathi was one of the first reformers who came out verystrongly against untouchability in modern times.The Arya Samaj was started in 1828.Dayananda Saraswathi of Arya Samja was a modern day buddha.He embraced every one as his brother.When
    he was poisoned by his cook, he cooly told him that he had forgived himand asked him to move out to safer place as people may harm him if they come toknow of this.Sri Narayana Guru was also another great social reformer who reformed Hinduism.Today the SNDP Yogam is a very strong force in Kerala.Hindu Acharyas Basava, Ramanuja, Chaitanya, Gnana Sambandar and many others have all fought against this evil.Mahatma Gandhi was latest in the line of these eminent Acharyas who reformed Hinduism.

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