PSVP - 9th Annual Meet - 3rd July 2011 - THIRD SESSION
  • Dear Friends,

    Several friends like Muruganandam, Venkat, Vijay Vairam and others could not participate as they left immediately after Power point of Vijay.

    Kalinga Balu's talk was planned in the First floor office of TKV Rajan and several friends - including new members like WIPRO Babu, Rasul, Raman and other members like Thiru, SK Pillai, Chandra, Ashok, Satish, Dr. Kailasam and several were present along with TKV Rajan ..

    The mood of the members was up-beat.

    Members of Tamil Parambariam and Mintamil also introduced themselves and a brief introduction of all, Kalinga Balu suggested for channelising the enthusiasm of several participants and well wishers.

    Karthi Kalingarayar and his wife traced their origins from Kalingarayars with connections to Sambuvarayars and Udarpalayam Zameen !! Kalinga Balu and Mr. Ramesh Rao shared details re Kalinga origins and Kalinga-rayars and discussed a lot on several interesting things.

    I mentioned that an attempt to create a Confederation did not materialise since each outfit prefer to maintain its own identity.

    Several views were putforth by several members following these.

    Dr. Badhri of Kizhakkupadhippagam shared the view that a e-magazine may open more avenues for enthusiastic members of various groups and this will be given free of cost / on line downloadable.

    New member WIPRO Babu concurred that data Base of Places of worship not avl. After deliberations, Kalinga Babu suggested that to create such Data base, first details available in print media need to be digitalised. All have agreed to this proposal.

    Kalinga Balu & Chandra are holding common membership in all the heritage groups and they are nominated to coordinate in this connection on behalf of our group as well.

    I suggested to put Places of Worship - including Siva temples, Vinnagarams, Mariamman / Sastha / Pillayar / vinayagar temples of minimum 500 year old, Darghas, Churches, Jain / Theerthangar connections as cultural assets along with Ancient Bodies like Veeracholan Pereri, Veeman Kundavai voykkal in a Map and create the CULTURAL ATLAS which DREAM was inculcated into us by our beloved most respected IIT Prof S Swaminathan.

    Dear member Raman advised us to commence immediate work by identifying a specific area and we agreed to commence work related to such cultural assets in thondai mandalam - present CHINGLEPUT / KANCHI DISTRICTS.

    Articles / Descriptions from PSVP members can be accommodated in an online e-magazine.

    Volunteers for creating Cultural Atlas - first one related to Chingleput / Kanchi Districts most welcome.

    We will have discussion with Vijay and his Team helping Poetry in Stone, Venkat and Muruganandam and similar Writers like Dr., Kailsam, Viswaksenan, Pavithra, Dhivakar, and other blog writers like Vairam,
    Sankaranarayan, Dr. Gandhiram, Dr. Sridhar, Sri-Sri (USA) and other friends like Pavendhar Vijay and will mail for more details.

    The meeting was a grand success ..

    thanks to each one of you dear members.

    omissions inadvertant.

  • Dear SPS & Kailasam Sirs,

    Thanks a lot for description about PSVP - 9th Annual Meet in detail. This gives an overall picture to who has (like me) missed this occasion. While reading your quote about each participant efforts I realized the greatness of their contribution to make this annual meet get successful. Really I missed one great event.

    E-Book and yearly two meet are the very good suggestions. Trust also good idea that we can help or give guidance to history students or researcher for their research. We have to take some necessary action to protect our monuments; because this is the only evidence (apart from Tamil literature) exist to explain our history, art and architecture. And we should conduct awareness programs with public to motivate to protect our heritage values.

    With Regards,

    D. Sakthi Saravanan

    +91 9886569692
  • Thanks a lot SPS Sir.

    Everything about the meeting was special.
    Dr. Padmavathy's knowledge about cholas was astounding, Kalinga Balu Sir's brief but wonderful speech, Vairam and Vijay's presentations and Shankaranarayanan's ramayanam series were all eye-openers and had us awe-inspiring!!
    To top it all, SPS Sir's co-ordination and management of the whole event was amazing.
    My wife personally liked the way, seniors lent a patient hearing and encouraged the new members to talk about their passion and interests and helped with leads on how to pursue them!

    We would like to thank and appreciate the hospitality of SPS, Chandra and KV Sir and everyone present, from the bottom of our hearts.
    Altogether, it was a great occasion where we could meet different people with different interestsĀ…but working towards one causeĀ….

    I hope and pray that similar meetings be conducted in the future and we definitely would want to shoulder the financial/operational burden in conducting these activities.
  • Dear all,

    The presentations were all fantastic. Amazing, the amount of hard work and
    sheer effort gone into making them. Shankaranarayanan, Vairam, VJ - you all
    did a great job (wish we could have seen VJ's PPT at a slower pace, but we
    were strapped for time). Also, it was a nice touch by SPS, making them say
    what professions they were each pursuing (Shipping, Insurance, etc). It
    gives depth to their interest, and shows just how much time goes into this.
    [Also SPS mannarin porkizhi was greatly appreciated. It has gone into
    my personal treasury.:)]

    As for Dr Padmavathi - she was freaking brilliant. Forget the knowledge she
    displayed, her speech was amazing. "Madai thirandha vellam" doesn't do
    justice to it. Her words had almost as much power as Kalki's himself. Also,
    it was obvious that she enjoyed herself a lot - this is something close to
    her heart. I'm honoured I could do the honours.

    The book collection was really neat - and I will admit here to some slight
    envy of Venkatesh, Dhiwaker, Muruganandham, Dr Kailasam (I admired his
    marketing/selling technique - he passed his books along to everyone during
    the event, thereby making a viewing mandatory) and all those who have
    brought out books. Kalakkareengappa. :) May you publish many, many more.
    (and may we all get a discount. :P)

    Raman sir, the pics were great (and the coin collection, but that's common
    knowledge). Ellaa idhathilayum irundheenga. :)

    And Satish Arunachalam made my evening by saying he read I, Harshavardhana
    in Gokulam. I'm delighted. :)

    Loved meeting everyone else - newbies, oldbies alike. (And sorry if I left
    anyone out.)

    Adutha meet eppanga? (Also, could not help feeling - my god, how the group
    has grown! And all from a tiny newspaper article ...)
  • Dear sir,

    Thanks a lot for the updates.

    It is really great to know aboutthe happenings at Chennai.

    Awaiting the photos and videos.

    Thanks and with regards,

    Kalavathi Senguttuvan
  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for the detailed update. I have missed the occasion in just a few days. Hoping to make it up in the meetnext year. We are very eagerly awaitingto view the photos and videos of the event.

    Thanks onceagain.

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