udayarpalayam thoughts-2
  • friends,
    some more information gathered by me
    1. the zameen was estabilished as a palayam by vijaynagar emperors as back as 1450. it was continuing to be under gingee nayaks till 1600.
    2. it became quasi independent between 1600 and 1800. they were however paying taxes to various rulers of thondai mandalam.
    3.after 1800 they became a zameen under european rule.
    4. they were protectors of chidambaram temple for these periods.
    5. they were speaking telugu at home till 1900.
    6. they consider themselves as descendents of pallava kings.
    7.the zameen palace ground is 24 acres
    8. the family still lives in many of the palaces within the compound
    9. they are still the custodians of the siva temple in udayarpalayam ( quiet a large one by ariyaloore district standards).
    10. the zameen ceased to be a power after abolition of zamindari system in 1952.

    it was a rather emotional visit to the place. not like the one i see in other archeological or historic sites. here it was different. there was sadness in the air. entering inside and coming out gave me a surreal feeling. it is a heritage place. not just another zameen bungalow. it is crowded with tears, sadness,richness, wealth, culture and history. there could still be many fallen kingdoms, feudal families or royalties in several places in india ...yet there is something i felt strange in this place. iam unable to describe it properly with words alone.

  • Gandhi

    It a great wealth that is hidden somewhere. The treasure from Kancheepuram. Gold ornaments of Ekambhara, Kamatchi and Varadha, Hidden Somewhere The Paramacharya Visited there in search of it. But Failed!

    Since the BHUDAM KATHTHA PONN is there the sadness still there.
  • I went there a month ago and felt exactly as you did. There is some melancholic charm about this place. I am searching for information about Ghanam Krishna Iyer, a composer of the first half of 19 century. He had been a court musician at Udayarpalayam. The family of Udayars was famous for their patronage of arts.

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