History books in my library
  • Hi,
    Inspired by our member, Shriram of Trichy, I thought to put the list of books I
    possess with photographs on net. As a picture is more than words so putting a
    picture of book cover is important. The idea to post the books here is that if
    anyone want to consult any book, he/she is most welcome :).
    Next in line is Sanskrit, Hindi and English literature books.

  • Wow, Saurabh - I'm insanely jealous. :)
  • Dont you people have any thought about peopel like me? Why are you making me
    so inferiro... :(

    Wonderful collection Saurabh....I am not able even read the titles of most
    of the books
  • It is not only about owning books - he quotes from them freely
  • Hi Satish,
    I also have not gone through all these books. There are about 900 books in my
    library and it is impractical for anyone to go through all. I buy books as you
    never know when these will be out of print so important is that you stock these
    when available. When I start on some subject, I refer all related books. This
    way I feel that I will go through all when I am 60 or 70 :).

    These days I am working on the Gupta history, I will soon post the links.
  • My god Saurabh.. I just cant believe these are part of your collection..
    Looks like the book shelves of Asian Educational Services or Government Museum publications.
  • Hi

    It is a good collection. Mean while kindly check The Pandiyan Kingdom of NKS which is not available any where except Australian Libvaray.
  • i think there will be a new library one day in the name of this group.
    thanks to all.
    Great collection S.sir.
  • Hatsoff

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