Saurabh on Stanford Radio - California - May 11 - Wed 7.30 pm India time
  • Makkale

    It is a pleasure to host Saurabh on air this wed May 11 - India time 7.30 pm.
    Please tune in to a special intro and a brief on a. Narthamalai and b.

    To listen live via internet: - - click on play
    To listen to other Tamizh radio programs (Hosted by Sri Sri - Adiyen) check it
    out at (Or)

    We have featured (you can listen to the recorded programs)

    a) Our Poetry in Stone - Vijay
    b) REACH foundation - Chandra previously

    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book -
  • good luck Sri and Saurabh....
  • Great News !!

    very best wishes,


  • Good to know this..good luck Sri and Saurabh...way to go...
  • Hi Sri,
    I am in a meeting now, may you please call again if it is important? Also two
    1. I do not see any play button on the link you send, do I need to drill down
    further into?
    2. Can this session be recorded as many of my friends want to hear at their
    leisure, if possible?
  • Very sorry for my previous mail, it was intended for Sri Sri and by mistake sent
    to the group ID.
  • Thank you Sps, vijay, Satish

    We start the show at 6.30 pm duration 3 hours with devotional songs, followed by Tamil golden oldies followed by Saurab's interview at 7.30 pm

    Nandri c u all
  • Saurabh

    Nothing important - just a reminder

    If the play button is not visible. - pls click on high or med or low. Based on sped of internet connection you can listen

    I will be recording and posting it on and can share the link as well after the program

    Sri Sri
  • A  human form with two arms, and very curly hair, suggesting Greek-buddhist style.This photo is from thirumaym ,a blog


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