Malayaman Thuyaram - Sneak preview of Audio Book - Bagam -5
  • Makkale

    Adi mel Adi eduthu vaithu kondirukiren

    Idho - Bagam - 5 - Malayaman Thuyram - ennai negizha vaitha kaatchi

    Click on the you tube link -- kaatchiyin vivaram

    After Aaaditha Karikalan got murdered, Vandiya Devan brings his body and faints.
    Malayaman was saddened by the sudden untimely death of Karikalan and mourns his
    death. He narrates the child hood days of Karikaalan and thinks Malaymaan
    himself made a mistake of sending him to Kadambur to make friends, which
    resulted in this murder/death.
    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book -

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