AN EXHIBITION in the Month of May / June 2011 - PS Group members' assets
  • Dear Friends,

    How about conducting ONE DAY Exhibition on behalf of our PS Group -

    exhibiting :

    1. Rare Novels collected by Sundar Krishnan


    3. Highpoints of Ramayanam before Kamban ( or Kulothunga ? ) by

    4. Special / Rare / Unpublished Photos / details like the one
    Dr. Gandhi mentioned - Kulothunga II / Sekkizhar

    5. Works by Kalinga Balu Sir

    6. Rare coins by Mr. Raman

    pls add more to the list and advise.

    We will exhibit in a suitable Venue.

    Inagurate through an Heritage enthusiast.

  • Dear Friends,

    We can also use this occasion for exhibition - cum - sale of books by our dear friends R Venkatesh - Muruganandam - Vishwaksenan - Lakshmankailasam - Ram - Ramki - Zodiac signs & Indus Valley and other published works by our other beloved members !!


  • Dear members,

    I shall be thankful if such exhibition is made and all authorsof our team I hope will present in the said exhibition
  • Dear SPS Sir

    How are you? Your idea of exhibition of our group sounds good. If you can
    fix a date around 10th of June, (may be a saturday or sunday)it will be
    convenient for our members and for me to attend along with my friend
    Mr.Venkatesh, editor of Kalki and we can have some discussion. Kindly inform.
  • thanks you sirs.

    Putting up a exhibition / sale event is an excellent suggestions.

    a very good opportunity for new comers like us to get to know the veterans and learn what we missed in the earlier years.

    i am from banking /software industry and interested in chola heritage and learning lot of new things in the past few months.

    I am available for any organisation / other help / support for organising 10th year exhibition.
  • Dear Viswaksenan sir,

    We will discuss in detail when i visit Uppiappan within a fortnight and formalise some convenient date.

    am fine. thanks.

    rgds / sps

  • Dear Friends,

    Exhibition is a good platform for the self explanation of achievements and its helps to create awareness with public about heritage value. As a gold coin it will gives benefits to both sides (organizer & viewers) in all aspects. Thanks a lot sir, till now I updated my knowledge through all of your discussion mails only. Its great pleasure to viewing, interaction and learning process will happen in source (exhibition).

    I am happy to work or help to organize this exhibition.
  • Paintings based on temple art, done by PS members, which can be sold and proceeds donated for temple conservation,by REACH. I can get atleast 20 pics for the exhibition.
  • Dear Saravanan and Friends,

    the response is over whelming and encouraging.

    Let us freeze the dates.

    First Week of June or
    Last week of May.

    warm regards. sps
  • Sir,

    It is good to organize an exhibition. Please freeze the date (Saturday/Sundary) and inform us.

    S. Arul Ganesh

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