Was krishnar tied to a wooden Ural or Stone
  • hi

    Need some help - references for the material of the Ural to which Krishnar
    was tied to . googlar help says wooden, but want to see if we have any in
    tamil ?
  • Dear Vijay
    Nalayira Divyaprabandham - Periyazhwar 2nd Pathu 32nd song gives the

    பெருமாவுரலில் பிணிப்புண்டிருந்து அங்கு
    இருமாமருதம் இறுத்தஇப்பிள்ளை
    குருமாமணிப்பூண் குலாவித்திகழும்
    சேயிழையீர். வந்துகாணீரே.

    Kannan was tied with Ural. Ordinary ropes were not sufficient. So he was tied
    with Thambu. Damodaran -the name like this. Udharam means stomach - tied with

    He dragged the Ural and broke the Marudham trees in the backyard. The two
    trees were sons of Kubera, namely Nalakooparan and Manikreevan cursed by Narada
    Muni. Their curses were resolved by Krishna by breaking the trees.
  • thanks. the question is was the ural made of stone or wood

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Dear Vijay
    Enga oorlaUral is made of stone only. Unga oorla eppadi? Ural's
    counterpart is Ulakkai. That is made of wood with ironcupson its edges. If ural
    is made of wood, it cannot withstand ulakkai's strokes. Thats why definitely
    ural must be made of stone.

    So far I didnot see ural made of wood. Did you see or hear?
    The spiritual meaning is human life is like ural with striking ulakai i.e.
    happiness and difficulties. Yasodai tried to tie up (bandham) Krishna with
    ural, but he dragged it to break the trees i.e. to free kuberan's sons from
    their curses.
  • Dear all, ural made of both wood&stone, u can find wood ural in cauvery delta,
  • i think every body knows that ulakkai will not stand in a thambaalam in ordinary
    days but it will stand on the day of sooriya grahanam

  • It is wood as per these:
    1. http://www.stutimandal.com/gif_suur/uluukhal_bandhan.htm
    2.http://books.google.com/books?id=AeMOAAAAQAAJ&dq=krishna tied to%2
    {Pages 13 & 14}
    http://books.google.com/books?id=ZgxeFQN2KyUC&lpg=PA13&dq=krishna tied
    {Page 13}

    truth be told....nobody for sure will know. There might be few books who
    might say stone......how can one prove or disprove it? One will have to
    find what was used in that particular part of the region then.

    And it might hurt sentiments, but I still say it ....this part of
    puranams.....we cannot pin historicity to these. What I am trying to say
    is if you or someone else says stone, most probably you won't be sued

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