[ponniyinselvanvaralaatruperavai] 30th Meet at Chennai -
  • Hi,

    I almost missed the event as i not read the address properly. The event was
    excellent. The coin presentation, the murals presentation and the talk by Mr
    Maniam Selvan was wonderful. I really wish I stayed back for the dinner for
    a more personal interaction with the all. But best of all is the Chola coin
    Vijay and Raman gave me before I left. Thanks a lot for a great gift, I
    would cherish it.

  • Hi all

    I thank the opportunity to see the evolution of coins of our soil. Lecture my Ma Se.. is informative. Particularly Kalki has give importance to the "art" and postpone some episodes for eloboration. That is Kalki..!

    And the presentation of Vijay is... Ultimate.

    Even we get chance to see those paintings live...we would miss the technology Vijay has imparted in his PPT.

    Many thanks to SPS for the opportunity. I spent a valuable nite at the New Year Eve.
  • BTW - By any chance our respected Prof is arranging a visit to Ajanta? I overheard something of that sort in the meeting....
  • First of all thanks to our beloved SPS and Vijay and Satheesh for arranging
    this event in a short notice.

    In the previous events I would slightly skip some of the
    conversation/presentation for the sake of capturing the event in
    photo/video. But this time though I was planning but decided to skip it to
    concentrate on the presentations/talk.

    Raman Sankaran's coin collection were simple superb, could see all chola
    coins for the first time and that too our Ponniyin Selvan's coin in gold
    which was so small and I can feel the pride our Venkat (Anusha) had when he
    touched some time back. Thanks to Raman Sankaran and Sri Arumugam Sethuraman
    for the presentation.

    Artist Maniman Selvan's talks was very touching. The we way he narrated some
    of interactions Maniman and Kalki had, we all kinda transported back to that
    time. Due to time restrictions we had to cut down the talk, but would love
    to hear lot more. There is no words to explain the feeling. If we look back
    the archive, another frequently asked question/request is where to get the
    weekly issue with the original maniam's painting.

    And finally Vijay's Big Temple frescos, it was an eye opener for me, though
    I got the book published by Tamil University, as a layman I don't know how
    to look into the details, the presentation was very well put. It definitely
    made me think of going to Ellora, Ajanta, Sittannavasal where I never been.

    Will definitely cherish the moments, thanks again.
  • hi friends

    Maravanpulavu sir has recorded the intorduction sessions, hope you can view
    and enjoy

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