I Wish i could get hold of this guy!!! - need for serious Condemnation
  • "At the function, Vijay was compared to the legendary King Raja Raja Cholan who was known for distributing cows to his subjects to ensure their welfare. "

    Just bcos they have mouth they are comparing have baked guy like Vijay to RRC and that too in the year Tanjore Temple celebrates its 1000th year. DO these pople know who RRC was what he did in his life???

    God save Tamil Nadu from Vijay.

  • hope you're kidding, Vairam
  • What to do vairam,

    If stalin is compared rjc, mu ka is compared to rrc.....this is not a big
    deal at all for them.
  • Times of India carried an article today. Because of 4 continuous flops, he need a success. An astrologer suggested to give 108 Go Dhanam ( gifting of cow) . In TN one has to show outwardly as a rationalist. So the Go Dhanam is done in a different format.

    If an actor giving 108 cows is equivalent to RRC, then we should call M.Subbulakshmi as Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  • Kathie Vairam is not referring to our 'poetry in stone' Vijay.
    The other Vijay is a film actor, once popular hero and has fan clubs.
    On occasions of film release, his fans have don 'milk abhishekam' on his
    giant cutouts (~ 50 feet high pictures). I do not know whether this
    charity donation of 108 cows has any connection. Cows are quite
    expensive and donating productive cows to deserving recipients is a
    noble act.Sampath
  • oh, Whew - thot he was really 'dissing' you, VJ !

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